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Third training on GHAMOD – a tax-benefit microsimulation model for Ghana

The third training on the use of GHAMOD , a tax-benefit microsimulation programme for Ghana, introduced participants to the latest version of the programme. Altogether 15 professionals and researchers working on tax and social protection issues in...

9 March 202111 March 2021
University of Ghana at Legon, Accra, Ghana
Past event
SOUTHMOD country report Ghana - GHAMOD v2.0

This report documents GHAMOD, the SOUTHMOD model developed for Ghana. The report describes the different tax-benefit policies in place, how the microsimulation model picks up these different provisions, and the database on which the model runs...

Taxation Government revenue GHAMOD
Research Brief
Education reform: Poverty and inequality in Ghana Education School reform Microsimulation
SOUTHMOD country report Ghana - GHAMOD v1.3

View the latest GHAMOD country report here . This report documents GHAMOD, the SOUTHMOD model developed for Ghana...

Tax Government revenue GHAMOD
Working Paper
Effects of an education reform on household poverty and inequality: A microsimulation analysis on the free Senior High School policy in Ghana

The level of income can be directly inferred from the level of education, making education an important variable as a key determinant of better livelihoods and poverty alleviation...

Education School reform Microsimulation
GHAMOD – simulating tax and benefit policies for development in Ghana

GHAMOD model is freely accessible for non-commercial research use. You may request access to the model here . GHAMOD, the tax-benefit microsimulation model for Ghana, is a highly versatile yet easy to use tool for policymakers and researchers alike...

GHAMOD launch and training: A tax-benefit microsimulation model for Ghana

Better social protection coverage and greater benefits in developing countries would certainly be welcomed by many...

Tax-benefit microsimulation GHAMOD SOUTHMOD
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