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Research Brief
Education reform: Poverty and inequality in Ghana Education School reform microsimulation
SOUTHMOD country report Ghana - GHAMOD v1.3

This report documents GHAMOD, the SOUTHMOD model developed for Ghana. This work was carried out by the Institute of Statistical, Social and Economic Research (ISSER) and the University of Tampere in collaboration with the project partners...

Tax Government revenue GHAMOD
Working Paper
Effects of an education reform on household poverty and inequality: A microsimulation analysis on the free Senior High School policy in Ghana

The level of income can be directly inferred from the level of education, making education an important variable as a key determinant of better livelihoods and poverty alleviation...

Education School reform microsimulation
GHAMOD – simulating tax and benefit policies for development in Ghana

GHAMOD model is freely accessible for non-commercial research use. You may request access for the model here . GHAMOD, the tax-benefit microsimulation model for Ghana, is a highly versatile yet easy to use tool for policymakers and researchers alike...

GHAMOD launch and training: A tax-benefit microsimulation model for Ghana

Better social protection coverage and greater benefits in developing countries would certainly be welcomed by many...

Tax-benefit microsimulation GHAMOD SOUTHMOD
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