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Government accountability
Working Paper
Anti-corruption policy-making, discretionary power, and institutional quality: An experimental analysis

We analyse policy makers’ incentives to fight corruption under different institutional qualities...

Government accountability Corruption Public policy (Law)
Journal Article
Business Cycle Fluctuations, Large Macroeconomic Shocks, and Development Aid

Part of Journal Special Issue Aid Policy and the Macroeconomic Management of Aid

Business cycles Economic assistance and foreign aid Government accountability
Journal Article
Aiding Government Effectiveness in Developing Countries

Part of Journal Special Issue Aiding Government Effectiveness in Developing Countries

Economic assistance and foreign aid Government accountability Local government
Journal Article
Strategies of Subversion in Vertically-Divided Contexts: Decentralisation and Urban Service Delivery in Senegal

Part of Journal Special Issue Urban Governance and Service Delivery in sub-Saharan Africa

Government accountability Political science Urbanization
Working Paper
Can One Retell a Mozambican Reform Story Through Problem-Driven Iterative Adaptation?

Many public sector reforms in developing countries fail to make governments more functional. This is typically because reforms introduce new solutions that do not fit the contexts in which they are being placed...

Government accountability Government spending policy
Book Chapter
Recent Distributive Changes in Latin America: An Overview

From the book: Falling Inequality in Latin America

Equality and inequality Government accountability Income distribution
Research Brief
Zambia – Foreign Aid and Democratic Consolidation

Democracy assistance and donor support have been key in fostering a new type of civil society, dominated by NGOs, the legal community and churches...

Democracy Economic assistance and foreign aid Government accountability
Research Brief
Africa’s Democratic Trajectory: The Impact of Development Aid and Democracy Assistance

Development aid was effective in promoting democratic transitions during the 1990s in African countries beset by economic crisis domestic discontent, and a high dependency on aid...

Democratization Economic assistance and foreign aid Government accountability
Working Paper
Overcoming the Limits of Institutional Reform in Uganda

This paper begins by noting that Uganda has been a public sector reform leader in Africa...

Administrative law Government accountability Institutional economics
Working Paper
Foreign Aid and the Failure of State Building in Haiti Under the Duvaliers, Aristide, Préval, and Martelly

After receiving at least US$20 billion in aid for reconstruction and development over the past 60 years, Haiti has been and remains a fragile state, one of the worse globally...

Economic assistance and foreign aid Elite (Social sciences) Government accountability
Democracy, Transparency, and Parliamentary Broadcasting

22 August 2013 Patrick Gregory ‘Justice should not only be done, but should manifestly and undoubtedly be seen to be done’...

Democracy Government accountability Justice, Administration of
Good Governance: Is it about Appearance or Action?

27 May 2013 Matt Andrews, Harvard Kennedy School A growing governance agenda and post-2015 ambitions The governance agenda has grown rapidly in the international development community...

Globalization Government accountability International agencies
Aid to the Social Sectors – Achievements and Mistakes

22 March 2013 The share of aid to social sectors has grown over the past 20 years. Evidence shows clear links between support to these sectors and poverty reduction, economic growth, and human development. But what works, and why?...

Children Economic assistance and foreign aid Economic growth
From the Editor's Desk (March 2013)

Tony Addison This month saw UNU-WIDER in Stockholm for the ReCom results meeting on ‘aid and the social sectors’, which took place at Sida on 13 March...

Decision making (Finance, Public) Econometric models (Economic development) Agriculture
Working Paper
Measuring Government Performance in Public Opinion Surveys in Africa: Towards Experiments?

In examining the study of government performance, this paper asks whether field experiments can improve the explanatory precision of results generated by public opinion surveys...

Government accountability Public administration Public goods
Book Chapter
Donor Assistance and Political Reform in Tanzania

From the book: Democratic Trajectories in Africa

Central planning Democratization Economic assistance and foreign aid
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