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Group-based inequality
WDR 2017 does not disappoint: Four implications for work in development

As a political scientist specializing in the comparative politics of development, including particular attention to issues of governance and democracy, I have followed this year’s World Development Report with special interest...

World Development Report Good governance Group-based inequality
Working Paper
Patterns and trends of group-based inequality in Brazil

In this paper, we analyse the patterns and trends of group-based inequalities in Brazil in the past 30 years...

Brazil Group-based inequality Ethnic diversity
Disadvantaged groups and social mobility

Theme: Inclusion

This project has three main objectives in line with UNU-WIDER’s tradition in the area of inclusion and horizontal inequality: (1) to shed further light on the extent to which inequalities run along ethnic, gender, and other communal lines; (2...

Disadvantaged groups Social mobility Group-based inequality
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