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Book Chapter
Intra-household bargaining in poor countries

From the book: Towards Gender Equity in Development

Households Efficiency Development
Working Paper
Intra-household bargaining in poor countries

This paper is intended to bridge the theoretical literature describing efficient intra-household behaviour and the development literature that collects empirical regularities pointing toward the existence of strategic decision-making among spouses...

Households Efficiency Development
Presentation - AL9

The title of the lecture is ‘The World is not Flat: Inequality and Injustice in our Global Economy’. The reference to ‘flatness’ alludes to the more level playing field due to globalization that has enabled China, India, and...

Inequality Justice Globalization
Working Paper
The power to choose: Gender balance of power and intra-household educational spending in India

We assess the effect of female bargaining power on the share of educational expenditures in the household budget in India...

Collective bargaining Education Feminist economics
Working Paper
Coffee price volatility and intra-household labour supply: Evidence from Viet Nam

Volatility in commodity markets poses an acute risk to farmers in developing countries who rely on cash crop agriculture...

Households Income Labor supply
Special Session on South Africa 2

Conference on Inequality—Measurement, trends, impacts, and policies - Parallel 3.2

Health Poverty Economic surveys
The Poorest and Most Excluded

Conference on Inequality—Measurement, trends, impacts, and policies - Parallel 1.3

Poverty Children Households
Social Protection

Conference on Climate Change and Development Policy - Parallel 6.2

Households Natural disasters Credit
Sustainable Energy

Conference on Climate Change and Development Policy - Parallel 3.2

Climate change Households Energy infrastructure
Working Paper
Gender-based violence and gender bias in schooling decision: Evidence from sub-Saharan Africa

This paper examines the impact of gender based violence against women and girls (GBV), in the environment the children live in, on school attendance, school achievement, as well as boys’ and girls’ dropouts...

Education Families Households
Working Paper
Income and price elasticities of demand in South Africa: An application of the linear expenditure system

This paper investigates the expenditure patterns of South African households using detailed cross-sectional expenditure and price data...

Aeronautics, Commercial Consumption (Economics) Food supply
Working Paper
Ethnic disadvantage in Vietnam: Evidence using panel data

This study investigates the ethnic disadvantage in rural Vietnam, focusing on the magnitude of the majority–minority gap and the constraints on ethnic minority households that contribute to the gap...

Equality and inequality Ethnic relations Households
Working Paper
Commercialization in agriculture in rural Viet Nam, 2006-14

The vast majority of households in rural Viet Nam undertake agricultural activities and for many this is their main livelihood. Moreover, this agriculture has become increasingly commercialized over time...

Agricultural credit Agriculture Aquaculture
Working Paper
Labour and migration in rural Vietnam

This paper provides an overview of the characteristics of migrant households and analyses the effects of migration in Vietnam, on the basis of the Vietnam Access to Resources Household Survey conducted in 2012 and 2014...

Emigrant remittances Households Labor mobility
Journal Article
Modeling Fuel Choice among Households in Northern Cameroon

Part of Journal Special Issue Economics of climate change impacts on developing countries

Households Renewable energy sources Technological innovations
Working Paper
Comparing the development of agricultural technology and information technology in rural Vietnam

This paper presents a descriptive analysis on the ownership of different types of technology—both agricultural machinery and information technology—within households in rural areas of Vietnam...

Agriculture Households Information technology
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