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Income diversification
Policy Brief
Better livelihoods through income diversification in Tanzania Income diversification Tanzania Livelihoods
Working Paper
Long-run rural livelihood diversification in Kagera, Tanzania

What drives livelihood diversification among predominantly rural households in developing countries and how can welfare-enhancing patterns be established and sustained in the long run?...

Income diversification Tanzania Livelihoods
Working Paper
Income diversification and household welfare in Tanzania 2008–2013

This paper uses three waves of Tanzanian National Panel Surveys (2008/09, 2010/11, and 2012/13) to construct a panel from 3,676 households that appear in at least two waves to explore the effect of income diversification on household welfare measured...

Income diversification Labour income Gender
In the media
Income diversification in Sub-Saharan Africa – UNU-WIDER and UONGOZI Institute's research on Tanzanian television Income diversification Tanzania Livelihoods
Working Paper
Effect of non-farm work on agricultural productivity: Empirical evidence from northern Ghana

This paper investigates the factors influencing participation in non-farm work and the effect of participation on farmers’ productivity, using survey data from 300 smallholder farm households in northern Ghana...

Non-farm work Smallholder farmers Productivity
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