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Informal sector (Economics)
Book Chapter
How important are management practices for the productivity of small and medium enterprises?

From the book: Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises in Vietnam

Entrepreneurship Informal sector (Economics) Small and medium enterprises
Working Paper
How important are management practices for the productivity of small and medium enterprises?

Is the lack of ‘managerial capital’, alongside human and financial capital, a constraint on the growth of firms in developing countries? The evidence on this is still mixed, especially among small and medium enterprises...

Entrepreneurship Informal sector (Economics) Small and medium enterprises
Journal Article
On the Short- and Medium-Term Effects of Formalisation: Panel Evidence from Vietnam

This paper analyses the consequences of formalisation on the performance of informal firms, using a panel dataset from Vietnam...

Factor proportions Informal sector (Economics) Wages
Prospects for a Tanzanian transformation

Researchers, policy makers, and representatives of international institutions recently gathered in Dar es Salaam to discuss prospects for a transformation of Tanzania’s economy...

Transformation Growth Informal sector (Economics)
Working Paper
Poverty and informality in Ecuador

This paper uses national representative data from the Ecuadorian Family Expenditure survey to study the determinants of poverty and informality in the country, taking into account the simultaneous two-way relationship between these two phenomena...

Informal sector (Economics) Poverty
From the Editor's Desk (September-October 2015)

UNU-WIDER had a busy September. We celebrated our 30 th birthday with some 600 people at our three-day conference on ‘Mapping the Future of Development Economics’ here in Helsinki. It was a great occasion...

Agriculture Business enterprises Capital investments
Economic Lessons from Recent Research for Achieving SDG8

This article is part of UNU’s “ 17 Days, 17 Goals ” series, featuring research and commentary in support of the United Nations Sustainable Development Summit, 25-27 September 2015 in New York City...

Business enterprises Capital investments Economic assistance and foreign aid
Book Chapter
Informality, Growth and Development in Africa

From the book: Oxford Handbook of Africa and Economics, Vol. 1...

Economic development Economic aspects (Households) Informal sector (Economics)
Research Brief
Clustering, competition, and spillover effects in Cambodia

What types of businesses benefit or suffer due to geographic clustering?...

Economic development Industrial productivity Informal sector (Economics)
Inequality in South Africa - An Interview with Murray Leibbrandt

At the UNU-WIDER Inequality conference September 2014 we interviewed Murray Leibbrandt, Professor of Economics at the University of Cape Town on issues of inequality in South Africa...

Children Economic policy Education
Working Paper
On the Effects of Formalization on Taxes and Wages: Panel Evidence from Vietnam

Based on a unique panel dataset consisting of both formal and informal firms surveyed every other year from 2005 to 2013, this paper explores the benefits of formalization to the government and firm employees in Vietnam...

Factor proportions Informal sector (Economics) Taxation
Working Paper
Measuring the Labour Income Share of Developing Countries: Learning from Social Accounting Matrices

This paper is the first to address the challenges of measuring the labour income share of developing countries...

Income distribution Informal sector (Economics) Labor costs
Working Paper
On the Benefits of Formalization: Panel Evidence from Vietnam

This paper examines the relationship between formalization and firm-level outcomes in Vietnam using a unique panel dataset. Results show that switching firms differ from informal non-switching firms, confirming heterogeneity...

Informal sector (Economics)
WIDER Annual Lecture 18: Managing Structural Transformation

18 December 2014 Roger Williamson At the UN headquarters in New York on 18 November 2014, Peter Timmer, emeritus professor from Harvard, showed how the three transformations (structural, agricultural, and dietary) relate to development...

Agriculture Climatic changes Structural adjustment (Economic policy)
Journal Article
Political Connections and Land-Related Investment in Rural Vietnam

Part of Journal Special Issue Land and Property Rights

Credit Informal sector (Economics) Investments
Illegal Fishing by Small-Scale Fishers in Ghana: Findings and Policy Suggestions

27 May 2014 Wisdom Akpalu The number of fishers and fishing vessels in the capture fishery sector, especially the artisanal marine fishery sub-sector, in Ghana has grown significantly over the past two decades leading to declining catches per trip...

Agriculture Ecology Environmental law
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