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How can developing countries pay for the SDGs?

With official development assistance under strain, achieving the Sustainable Development Goals will require developing countries to rely increasingly on their own resources...

SDGs Sustainable Development Goals Millennium Development Goals
Journal Article
Bypassing Government: Aid Effectiveness and Malawi’s Local Development Fund

Part of Journal Special Issue Aid Impact and Effectiveness

Aid effectiveness Institutions Aid policy
Journal Article
Aid Impact and Effectiveness: Introduction and Overview

Part of Journal Special Issue Aid Impact and Effectiveness

Donors Fragile states Climate change
Working Paper
Institutional bypass and aid effectiveness in Africa

Many practical and action-oriented international roadmaps to improve the quality of aid and its delivery and impact on development—including the Paris Declaration, Accra Agenda for Action, and Busan Partnership—emphasize a more active inv...

Aid effectiveness Institutions Aid policy
Working Paper
Understanding the boom: A framing paper

A significant natural resource discovery creates excited popular expectations of imminent wealth. But the size of a boom is usually overestimated and the delay in receiving revenues is underestimated...

Developing countries Institutions Macroeconomics
Working Paper
Understanding the boom: Country study—Tanzania

There are large volumes of gas offshore Tanzania, which has raised hopes of a boom. But those hopes look set to be disappointed. A boom would depend on there being a sizeable flow of revenue to government from producing and exporting gas...

Developing countries Institutions Natural resources
Working Paper
Institutions and Asia’s development: The role of norms and organizational power

The role of institutions in Asian development has been intensely contested since Myrdal’s Asian Drama, with later contributions from institutional economics and developmental state theory...

Institutions Organizations Political settlements
Book Chapter
Political economy and governance

From the book: Extractive Industries

Natural resources Extractives Political economy
Working Paper
Revisiting the methodology of Myrdal in Asian Drama 50 years on

This paper reviews the main methodological innovations in Asian Drama ...

Gunnar Myrdal Institutions
Working Paper
Fiscal capacity and social protection expenditure in developing nations

There is scant analysis on the causal relationship between fiscal capacity and social protection expenditure in the developing world...

fiscal capacity Inequality Institutions
Working Paper
Political economy and governance

This paper reviews the political economy of extractive resources and the associated resources sector governance agenda...

Natural resources Extractives Political economy
Working Paper
Ideational and institutional drivers of social protection in Tanzania

In the early 2000s, there was low elite commitment to social protection in Tanzania. Yet, in 2012, the government officially launched a countrywide social safety net programme, and a year later it announced the introduction of an old age pension...

Social protection Policy entrpreneurs Political settlements
African economic growth: Productivity, policy syndromes and the importance of institutions

Speaker Augustin Kwasi Fosu, Deputy Director of UNU-WIDER. Recent evidence from an exhaustive political-economy study of growth of African economies – the Growth Project of the African Economic Research Consortium (AERC) - suggests that...

9 October 2012
Seminar Room 3-4, Economicum, Arkadiankatu 7, Helsinki, Finland
Past event
Panel discussion
Economies in transition: The long-run view

Chair: Erik Berglof, Chief Economist, EBRD Speakers: Professor Gérard Roland, University of California, Berkeley. Dr Rania Al-Mashat, Assistant Sub-Governor and Head of Monetary Policy Department, Central Bank of Egypt. Professor Roland,...

19 June 2012
European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, One Exchange Square, London, United Kingdom
Past event
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