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Working Paper
Inequality and human development: The role of different parts of the income distribution

In this paper we reassess the relationship between inequality and human development, focusing on the differential effect associated with the concentration of national income at different parts of the income distribution...

Human development Inequality Institutions
Working Paper
Can domestic institutions affect exports and innovation?: Mediation effects of institutional quality on manufacturing sector exports and innovation in developing countries

Studies show that when exports go up, innovation goes up as well. But what is the mediating effect of domestic institutions in the association between exports and innovation?...

Innovation Mediation analysis Institutions
Kunal Sen on institutions and development

UNU-WIDER Director Kunal Sen gives a lecture to the staff of the Kenya Institute for Public Policy Research and Analysis ( KIPPRA ). The topic of the lecture is Institutions and development. In his presentation Kunal Sen will discuss the role of...

18 March 2022
KIPPRA, Bishops Road, Nairobi, Kenya
Past event
Working Paper
Corruption and crisis: do institutions matter?

While the short-term effects of the COVID-19 pandemic on lives and livelihoods are well understood, we know little about the effect of the pandemic for longer-term outcomes such as corruption...

Corruption Institutions Crisis
Working Paper
Constraints on the executive and tax revenues in the long run

We argue that tax revenues and political institutions placing constraints on the executive power may reinforce each other over time and so co-evolve in the long run...

Constraints on the executive Tax revenue Institutions
Working Paper
Community organization and armed group behaviour: Evidence from Colombia

This paper investigates how armed groups affect the organization of local communities during armed conflict in Colombia...

Armed conflict Institutions Colombia
Brian Levy and Alan Hirsch on the challenge of economic inclusion in South Africa
2 November 2021
Online, Helsinki, Finland
Past event
Journal Article
The political economy of the resource curse: A development perspective

This article reviews the recent literature on the developmental effects of resource abundance, assessing likely effects and channels with respect to key development outcomes...

Resource abundance Inequality Institutions
Working Paper
What are the drivers of tax capacity in sub-Saharan Africa?

There is limited research on the underlying institutional framework of tax policy and capacity: how tax collection efficiency changes over time and the importance of institutional factors in this process...

Fiscal capacity General-to-specific Tax policy
Working Paper
The relative neglect of agriculture in Mozambique

This paper explores agricultural performance of Mozambique, its institutional weaknesses, and the underlying factors that underpin an unsatisfactory performance during many decades...

Agriculture Environment Institutions
Working Paper
Good institutions and tax revenue outcomes in resource-rich countries: When ‘good’ is not enough

Developing countries that experience commodity booms struggle to mobilize sustainable tax revenues...

resource rent Tax revenue Institutions
Background Note
Review of sub-national institutional performance in Ghana

Introduction The literature on the concept, measurement, causes, and correlates of sub-national institutional governance is not new. From the seminal work of Putnam et al. (1993) to recent attempts by Iddawela et al...

Decentralized governance Decentralization Governance
The paths and legacies of civil war

Civil wars leave enduring legacies for social networks , political identities , preferences , and attitudes ...

Civil conflict Peacebuilding Institutions
Our project on the institutional legacies of violent conflict

One of the most critical challenges in international development today is to understand how best to support peace, security, economic recovery, and legitimate political authority in fragile and conflict-affected countries...

Institutions Conflict Post-conflict
The Nordic Model — lessons for Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka, like the Nordic countries, is a social democratic nation with a strong welfare state...

Social protection Economic growth Labour market
Rule of law and judicial independence in Mozambique

On 2 December 2020, Dr João Carlos Trindade, retired judicial magistrate and current chair of the governing board of the non-governmental organization Centro Terra Viva, will discuss his research on the rule of law and judicial independence in...

2 December 2020
Hotel Montebelo Girassol, Av. Patrice Lumumba, Maputo, Mozambique
Past event
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