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International migration
Journal Article
Competing contexts of reception in refugee and immigrant incorporation: Vietnamese in West and East Germany

Part of Journal Special Issue Involuntary Migration, Inequality, and Integration

Integration International migration Refugees
Policy Brief
Migration governance in the Global South

Building knowledge about migration governance and policy in the Global South is a priority for research and policy. Migration is a defining feature of our time and one closely linked with processes of economic and political development...

International migration Emigration and immigration Economic Policy and Good Governance
Working Paper
Self-selection of Mexican migrants in the presence of random shocks: Evidence from the Panic of 1907

Using height as a proxy for physical productivity of labour, this paper estimates the selection of Mexican migration to the United States at the beginning of the flow (1906–08), and it exploits a natural experiment of history to evaluate the im...

Labour migration Self-selection International migration
Lessons from the resettlement of ‘good’ and ‘bad’ Vietnamese forced migrants in Germany

Hiếu (pseudonym) embodies the ‘good refugee’ story. In 1979, he fled Vietnam by boat and eventually resettled in the Federal Republic of (West) Germany, as did many others ...

Integration International migration Refugees
Working Paper
Diaspora externalities: A view from the South

Migration decisions affect those left-behind in ways that are partly taken into account by market forces (e.g., wage effects on labour markets) and for the most part these can be seen as pure externalities...

Diaspora networks International migration Development
Working Paper
Invisible, successful, and divided: Vietnamese in Germany since the late 1970s

Until the 1970s, only 1000 Vietnamese lived in West and East Germany, most of them international students. West Germany, in particular, had not yet been confronted with non-European refugees...

Integration International migration Refugees
Working Paper
Migration impact on left-behind women’s labour participation and time-use: Evidence from Kyrgyzstan

This paper aims to study the impact of migration on labour supply and time-use of women left behind in Kyrgyzstan. Using the household survey data for 2011, labour supply is measured by occupational choices and working hours...

International migration Labour supply Women
Working Paper
Gender inequalities among adults and children in collective households

This paper studies the distribution of resources within Albanian families in 2012 using a collective consumption model with two alternative specifications: the first enables the estimation of intrahousehold distribution of resources among male adults...

Gender inequality Intrahousehold distribution Collective consumption models
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