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International trade
Working Paper
Trade sanctions and informal employment

This paper examines how trade sanctions affect the allocation of workers across formal and informal employment. We analyse the case of the unexpected and unprecedented trade sanctions imposed on Iran in 2012...

International trade Informal work Labour market
Working Paper
A look offshore: unpacking the routes of misinvoicing in international trade

We study whether misinvoicing in international trade is reflected in cross-border bank accounts as reported by offshore financial centres...

Misinvoicing Banking Offshore financial centres
Working Paper
Measuring illicit financial flows: A gravity model approach to estimate international trade misinvoicing

Illicit financial flows have recently attracted the attention of academia, practitioners, and multilateral organizations who consider them harmful to economic development...

Gravity model Illicit financial flows International trade
Samwel J. Kabote and Jires Tunguhole on the determinants of clove exports in Zanzibar

Samwel J. Kabote and Jires Tunguhole give a presentation on 10 December at 10-11am (UTC+2) as part of the Sustainable development solutions for Tanzania – strengthening research to achieve SDGs project. The presentation is held as a webinar,...

10 December 2021
Online, Finland
Past event
Policy seminar
SA-TIED Dialogues - Research into Policy SA-TIED policy dialogue — International trade and global value chains
28 May 2021
Online, Pretoria, South Africa
Past event
Working Paper
COVID-19 and trade facilitation in Southern Africa: Implications for the AfCFTA

COVID-19 has created a trade crisis in Southern Africa, with a dramatic slowdown in cross-border trade...

COVID-19 Trade facilitation Regional integration
New research horizons: Global value chains and transaction-level customs data

Over 70% of global trade goes through global value chains (GVCs). For firms in developing countries, insertion into GVCs has been associated with economic and social benefits...

Global value chains Customs data Transaction data
Research Brief
Technology, tourism, malls, and metros: Promises and pitfalls of tradable services in Africa

There is growing recognition around the world that tradable services can play a valuable role in economic development. Africa is no exception, with the need for multiple routes to growth, particularly vis-à-vis the COVID-19 pandemic...

Africa International trade South Africa
WIDER-Webinar-image from UNDP-Bangladesh-COVID19 Daria Taglioni on international trade and supply chains post COVID-19
24 November 2020
Past event
Working Paper
Corruption and assortative matching of partners in international trade

While the effects of corruption on bilateral trade have been relatively well explored, its effect on the composition of trading partners has not been studied...

Corruption international bribery International trade
Working Paper
Globalization and gender inequality: Evidence from South Africa

Inequality has been rising in most countries for several decades, with negative consequences for social cohesion and economic growth. Substantial gender wage gaps contribute significantly to overall wage inequality...

Wage gap International trade Linked employer-employee data
Working Paper
Building malls or metros?: South Africa’s exports of tradable urban services to the rest of Africa

Service industries are increasingly important in international trade and offer additional paths to economic development. There are many opportunities to expand trade in services between South Africa and other African countries...

Africa International trade South Africa
Research Brief
Can trade in services bolster regional development in Southern Africa?

Service exports are the fastest growing portion of world trade and now account for nearly a quarter of global exports...

Tradable sectors Services International trade
Book Chapter
Economic Openness and Development

From the book: Asian Transformations

Commercial policy International finance International trade
Journal Article
Effects of Foreign Aid on Income through International Trade

Part of Journal Special Issue Aid Impact and Effectiveness

Bilateral aid Exports Free trade
Working Paper
The contribution of services to trade and development in Southern Africa

Services are the fastest growing portion of world trade and now account for nearly a quarter of global exports. This presents opportunities for emerging economies to adapt and enter new markets...

Tradable sectors Services International trade
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