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International trade
Journal Article
The transmission of socially responsible behaviour through international trade

We investigate the relationship between corporate social responsibility (CSR) practices of domestic Vietnamese firms and their engagement with foreign markets...

Corporate social responsibility Spillovers International trade
Rising powers and the collapse of the Doha Round

Rising powers have had a profound impact on the WTO. For over half a century the trading system was dominated by the US and other advanced industrialized states, with developing countries and their interests severely marginalized...

Free trade International trade
WIDER Annual Lecture by Ronald Findlay

View the WIDER Annual Lecture on The Trade-Development Nexus in Theory and History.

International trade Industrialization History (Economics)
Photos - AL13

Selection of images from the WIDER Annual Lecture 13.

International trade Industrialization History (Economics)
Press release - AL13

Professor Ronald Findlay, Author of 'Power and Plenty' at United Nations University — WIDER

International trade Industrialization History (Economics)
Made in Africa - Learning to Compete in Industry: Policy proposals

One of the strengths of the new UNU-WIDER and Brookings book Made in Africa is that, in the best sense of the word, its proposals are debatable. It provides evidence and arguments for particular policies...

Economic development International trade Manufacturing industries
Working Paper
Imports, supply chains, and firm productivity

This paper explores the relationship between imports and firm productivity, focusing on imported intermediates...

International trade Productivity
Working Paper
The transmission of socially responsible behaviour through international trade

We investigate the relationship between the corporate social responsibility practices of local domestic firms and their engagement with foreign markets using four waves of panel data on a sample of more than 4,500 manufacturing firms from Viet Nam...

International trade Social values Corporate social responsibility
Working Paper
Importing and firm performance: New evidence from South Africa

This paper uses firm-level data from company tax declarations to analyse the complementary relationship between direct access to imported intermediate inputs and manufacturing firm performance in South Africa. There are three main findings...

Business Delivery of goods International trade
Working Paper
Border adjustment mechanisms: Elements for economic, legal, and political analysis

This paper examines, from a multidisciplinary perspective, plausible hypotheses for implementation of border carbon adjustment mechanisms, seen as a complement to strong environmental regulation...

Environmental justice International trade Political science
Understanding FDI spillover mechanisms

Foreign direct investment (FDI) has been praised as an important development tool, especially for countries at low levels of industrial development...

Economic development International trade Investments, Foreign
Working Paper
Falling oil prices and sustainable energy transition: Towards a multilateral agreement on fossil-fuel subsidies

Fossil-fuel subsidies are economically inefficient and harmful for the environment yet efforts to phase them out at the national and international levels have not been effective...

International trade Nonrenewable natural resources Prices
Working Paper
Institutional and policy adjustments to implement Free Trade Agreements with the European Union: A developing country perspective

Free Trade Agreements (FTAs) between the European Union (EU) and trade partners go far beyond mere elimination of tariffs to include such diverse issues as non-tariff barriers, competition legislation, investment protection, and more...

Economic development Free trade International trade
Working Paper
India’s political economy responses to the global food price shock of 2007–08: Learning some lessons

India’s policy responses to the food price crisis were strong. Exports of basic staples were banned. Domestic support prices of wheat and rice were raised substantially...

Agriculture Food industry and trade Food security
The Impact of Policies on Inequality

Conference on Inequality—Measurement, trends, impacts, and policies - Parallel 3.3

Inequality Measurement (Poverty) Foreign aid
Working Paper
Estimation of substitution and transformation elasticities for South African trade

The objective of this paper is to estimate transformation and Armington substitution elasticities for South African trade. We use linear methods to estimate elasticities without growth factors...

Economic growth Equations, Simultaneous International trade
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