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Working Paper
Heterogeneous impact of internet availability on female labour market outcomes in an emerging economy: Evidence from Indonesia

Greater female labour market participation has important positive implications not only for women’s empowerment and the well-being of their families but also for the economy they live in...

Internet Labour market Indonesia
Working Paper
Comparing the development of agricultural technology and information technology in rural Vietnam

This paper presents a descriptive analysis on the ownership of different types of technology—both agricultural machinery and information technology—within households in rural areas of Vietnam...

Agriculture Households Information technology
Open Access and UNU-WIDER

21 February 2014 Tony Addison Development researchers live in a world where research on development, not just in economics but also political science, environmental science, anthropology (to name just a few areas of inquiry) is abundant...

Economic development Government policy (Poor) Poverty measurement
Book Chapter
The Internet and Economic Growth in LDCs: A Case of Managing Expectations?

From the book: New Economy in Development

Capital Economic development Economic forecasting
Working Paper
Internet Use in Transition Economies: Economic and Institutional Determinants

The purpose of the study is two-fold. First, it examines whether Internet usage converges across the geographical space comprising the European Union and Central and Eastern Europe (CEE)...

Education Information technology Institutional economics
Working Paper
The Corporate Digital Divide: Determinants of Internet Adoption

This paper shows how organizational, technical, and environmental factors affected firm decisions to adopt Internet technologies during the early years of the commercialization of the Internet...

Management (Information technology) Internet Investments
Working Paper
Competing in the Digital Economy?: The Dynamics and Impacts of B2B E-commerce on the South African Manufacturing Sector

This paper explores the current state of play and likely future direction of business-to-business electronic commerce in the South African manufacturing sector...

Business networks Information technology Internet
Working Paper
The Internet and Economic Growth in Least Developed Countries: A Case of Managing Expectations?

A discussion of the theory of technology and economic growth suggests potentially negative implications for the impact of the Internet on developing countries...

Capital Economic development Economic forecasting
Working Paper
Does Internet Connectivity Affect Export Performance?: Evidence from the Transition Economies

Over the past few years, many commentators have suggested that the Internet is one of the forces driving globalization...

Information technology International trade Internet
Journal Article
The New Economy: Facts, Impacts and Policies

Part of Journal Special Issue The New Economy

Economic development Information technology Internet
Journal Special Issue
The New Economy

The world economy is undergoing a fundamental structural change driven by the globalization of business on the one hand and by the revolution in information and communication technology on the other...

Capital Information technology Internet
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