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Working Paper
Capital markets in sub-Saharan Africa

Capital markets facilitate capital growth by mobilizing savings and converting them into investments, and they are therefore a stimulant of economic growth. There is evidence that countries with high savings rates tend to grow faster...

Capital market Domestic savings Investments
Unlocking the mystery of domestic savings: What difference do they make?

The socioeconomic fallout from the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has brought to the fore discussions on domestic resource mobilization (hereafter DRM)...

Domestic revenue mobilization Domestic savings Investments
Book Chapter
Southeast Asia

From the book: Asian Transformations

Agricultural productivity Investments Industrial policy
Development Finance: The Role for Aid in Africa

Aid’s future, its history, and its impact were the topics of a policy workshop held by UNU-WIDER in co-operation with the Embassy of Denmark in Dar es Salaam on 8 June ...

Economic assistance and foreign aid Economic growth Economic policy
Working Paper
The Return to Foreign Aid

We investigate the marginal productivity of investment across countries. The aim is to estimate the return on investments financed by foreign aid and by domestic resource mobilization, using aggregate data...

Economic growth Investments Panel analysis
Book Chapter
Tourism and Economic Growth: African Evidence from Panel Vector Autoregressive Framework

Using a panel vector autoregressive model this paper investigates the dynamic and endogeneous contribution of tourism to output based on a sample of 40 African countries for the period 1990–2006...

Economic development Human capital Investments
Africa's Failure to Industrialize: Bad Luck or Bad Policy?

16 December 2014 John Page On 20 November 2014 the United Nations celebrated the 25th Africa Industrialization Day. But perhaps ‘celebrate’ is not exactly the right word...

Competition Economic development Structural adjustment (Economic policy)
Journal Article
Political Connections and Land-Related Investment in Rural Vietnam

Part of Journal Special Issue Land and Property Rights

Credit Informal sector Investments
Learning to Compete: Lessons from Vietnam – An Interview with Carol Newman

28 May 2014 In this interview Carol Newman discusses the success of the Vietnamese economic transformation and lessons which can be drawn for Africa...

Entrepreneurship Structural adjustment (Economic policy) Industrial policy
Working Paper
Mozambique’s Industrialization

After the Second World War, Mozambique went through a series of transformations, from an incipient industrializing colonial society to an independent country with a central planned economy, plus a regional and internal war, and finally from 1994 onwa...

Industrial organization (Economic theory) Industrial policy Investments
Research Brief
Using Foreign Aid to Incentivize Pioneer Investing

A number of small, isolated countries are not experiencing the rapid economic growth of larger, more connected economies due to weak governance and isolation...

Economic assistance and foreign aid Economic development Investments
Aid and our Changing Environment

4 July 2013 Roger Williamson On 4 June 2013 I attended an interesting effort on the part of UNU-WIDER to communicate research results to development policy makers and practitioners...

Agriculture Climate change Economic assistance and foreign aid
Aid and our Changing Environment: What did we Learn?

24 June 2013 Tony Addison The Stockholm ReCom results meeting at Sida on 4 June was a lively exchange on all aspects of foreign aid and climate change finance (including the role of private finance)...

Climate change Economic assistance and foreign aid Environmental policy
Imperfect Data Increases Uncertainty

9 May 2013 Carl-Gustav Lindén The world is a complex place where risk and uncertainty are an everyday challenge...

Climate change Economic assistance and foreign aid Information technology
Research Brief
Aid for Statistics in Africa

In the WIDER Working Paper ‘Aid and Investment in Statistics for Africa’ Jeffery I. Round discusses how the effectiveness of aid aimed at improving statistical capacity in Africa can be assessed...

Economic assistance and foreign aid Investments
Journal Article
Impact of Terrorism on Investment Decisions of Farmers: Evidence from the Punjab Insurgency

Part of Journal Special Issue Entrepreneurship and Conflict

Agriculture Conflict management Investments
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