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Working Paper
Good business practices improve productivity in Myanmar’s manufacturing sector: Evidence from two matched employer–employee surveys

We look into the relationship between business practices and enterprise productivity using panel data with matched employer and employee information from Myanmar...

Business Management Productivity
Working Paper
Support policies for renewables: Instrument choice and instrument change from a Public Choice perspective

This paper frames the transition towards clean energies as a sequential process of instrument choice and instrument change. First, regulators decide how to initiate the transition away from fossil energies...

Environmental policy Management Renewable energy
Extractives for development (E4D)

Theme: Transformation

Wealth Natural resources Management
Working Paper
Overcoming the Limits of Institutional Reform in Uganda

This paper begins by noting that Uganda has been a public sector reform leader in Africa...

Administrative law Government accountability Institutional economics
Working Paper
Risk Experiments in Gains and Losses: A Case Study for Benin

The aim of this paper is to expand our knowledge on risk aversion among the poor by conducting experiments that do not only test risk aversion in small and large stakes but also in risky gains and risky losses...

Households Management Poor
The Evolving Diversity of Enterprise Ownership and Governance

by Laixiang Sun There is a widespread belief that the only efficient ownership structure for a market economy is one in which firms are owned by private investors and that the existence of well-defined personalized property rights is a basic precondi...

Business enterprises Employee ownership Management
Book Chapter
Analysis and Management of Watersheds

From the book: The Environment and Emerging Development Issues

Conservation of natural resources Management Water
Book Chapter
The Management of Drylands

From the book: The Environment and Emerging Development Issues

Institutional economics Land use Management
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