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Minimum wage
Working Paper
Wage polarization in a high-inequality emerging economy: The case of South Africa

Earnings growth in South Africa displayed a U-shaped pattern across the earnings percentiles between 2000 and 2015, resembling wage polarization in the industrialized world...

Inequality Minimum wage recentered influence function
Working Paper
Separating employment effects into job destruction and job creation: Evidence from a large minimum wage increase in the agricultural sector using administrative tax data

This paper presents new evidence on the employment effects of a large increase in agricultural minimum wages in South Africa using anonymized tax data...

Minimum wage employment effects non-compliance
Working Paper
The effects of minimum wage hikes on employment and wages in Vietmam’s micro, small, and medium enterprises

Very little is known about the extent to which wage and employment offsetting behaviours change by firm size to mitigate the detrimental effects of minimum wage regulation...

Minimum wage Employment Wages
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