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Multidimensional poverty
Working Paper
Living conditions and well-being: Evidence from African countries

We here use five rounds of Afrobarometer data covering more than 100,000 individuals over the 2004-2016 period to explore the link between self-assessed measures of living conditions and objective measures of individual well-being (access to basic ne...

Living conditions Multidimensional poverty Well being
Working Paper
Robustness tests for multidimensional poverty comparisons

This paper provides practical tests for the robustness of multidimensional comparisons of well-being...

Multidimensional poverty Pointwise dominance Robustness
Working Paper
A human rights-consistent approach to multidimensional welfare measurement applied to sub-Saharan Africa

The rights-based approach to development targets progress towards the realization of 30 articles set forth in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Progress is frequently measured using the multidimensional poverty index...

first-order dominance Multidimensional poverty Sub-Saharan Africa
Policy Brief
Multidimensional poverty and wellbeing in Mozambique Poverty Multidimensional poverty Household survey
Working Paper
Mapping deprivation in Mozambique: An analysis of census data (1997–2007)

In this study we analyse the evolution of deprivation indicators and of a multidimensional poverty index using Mozambican census data for 1997 and 2007...

Multidimensional poverty Deprivation Mozambique
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