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Natural resources
Working Paper
A look offshore: unpacking the routes of misinvoicing in international trade

We study whether misinvoicing in international trade is reflected in cross-border bank accounts as reported by offshore financial centres...

Misinvoicing Banking Offshore financial centres
Metals for the global energy transition: Opportunities and salutary lessons

In a series of high-level UN Roundtables , in which I participated in 2021, experts and stakeholders explored the risks and opportunities presented by the global clean energy transition...

Climate change Natural resources Economic development
Can the electric vehicle revolution solve the climate crisis and create opportunities for developing countries?

Electric vehicles (EVs) are confidently expected to decarbonize road transportation, contribute substantially to the net zero agenda, and so help to solve the climate crisis...

Climate change Natural resources Economic development
The 2022 energy shock

The price and availability of energy is fundamental to the health of the global economy...

Natural resources Energy resources Armed conflict
Working Paper
Incorporation of offshore shell companies as an indicator of corruption risk in the extractive industries

We show that the incorporation of offshore entities increases when oil and gas exploration licences are awarded...

Oil Extractives Natural resources
Technical Note
Government Revenue Dataset (2021): country notes

This technical note is the third in a series based on the UNU-WIDER Government Revenue Dataset (GRD). The preceding notes have described in detail the variables contained within the GRD and the source selection procedures ...

GRD Government revenue Tax data
Working Paper
Good institutions and tax revenue outcomes in resource-rich countries: When ‘good’ is not enough

Developing countries that experience commodity booms struggle to mobilize sustainable tax revenues...

resource rent Tax revenue Institutions
Why do we see boom-and-bust growth in fragile and conflict-affected states?

One of the most pressing challenges in development policy is to bring about rapid, sustained, and inclusive growth in developing countries...

Fragile states Conflict Economic growth
Working Paper
Are we measuring natural resource wealth correctly?: A reconceptualization of natural resource value in the era of climate change

Underlying the management of revenues from natural resource extraction is a set of assumptions about how abundant and how valuable these resources are...

Natural resources Valuation environmental impact
Working Paper
Natural resources, institutions, and economic transformation in Mozambique

In the light of Mozambique’s natural resources boom—especially its large-scale investments in mining, oil, and gas—this paper analyses the prospects for the extractive industries to contribute to economic transformation from an inst...

Economic transformation Extractive industries Institutions
Working Paper
From fiscal stabilization to economic diversification: A developmental approach to managing resource revenues

The management of revenues from exhaustible natural resources involves a number of challenges...

Commodity dependence Economic development Natural resources
Working Paper
Investigating the fiscal resource curse: What’s China got to do with it?

The term fiscal resource curse refers to countries’ inability to raise taxes from a broad base in the presence of natural resources...

China Infrastructure Natural resources
Book Chapter
Construction and public procurement in Uganda

From the book: Mining for Change

Construction sector Procurement Natural resources
Book Chapter
Local content: Are there benefits for Tanzania?

From the book: Mining for Change

Extractive industries Local content Mining
Book Chapter
Gas in Tanzania: Adapting to new realities

From the book: Mining for Change

Developing countries Institutions Macroeconomics
Book Chapter
Rowing against the current: Economic diversification in Africa

Part of Journal Special Issue Mining for change

Extractive industries Natural resources Diversification
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