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Working Paper
Digital technology and productivity of informal enterprises: Empirical evidence from Nigeria

The lingering policy dilemma facing many governments in sub-Saharan Africa in recent years is what can be done in the short to medium term to boost the output and incomes of individuals and enterprises in the informal sector, given the size and persi...

Information technology Informal sector Productivity
Working Paper
Informal–formal workers' transition in Nigeria: A livelihood analysis

This study evaluates the effects of the informal sector on Nigerian workers’ livelihoods and analyses workers’ transitions within the informal sector and between informal and formal employment...

Regression analysis Employment Formal and informal
Journal Article
When the centre cannot hold: Patterns of polarization in Nigeria

Part of Journal Special Issue Inequality

Consumption expenditure Nigeria Polarization
Working Paper
Female work status and child nutritional outcome in Nigeria

This paper delves into the relationship between child nutritional outcome and (multiple) female work status in Nigeria from a micro perspective. The child nutritional outcome is proxied by child weight-for-age...

Women's work Work status Income effect
Working Paper
Who trusts?: Ethnicity, integration, and attitudes toward elected officials in urban Nigeria

In the developing world, clientelism is common. In Africa, public office is often used to redistribute resources to ethnically defined constituencies, and this form of clientelistic exchange is a key determinant of vote choice...

Trust Identity Politics
In the media
Made in Africa book mentioned in Nigerian newspaper 'Business Online' column

There is an urgent need to diversify Nigeria’s economy, but what really means economic diversification for Nigerian policy makers?

Industrial development Nigeria Exports
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