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Non-contributory pensions
Working Paper
Informality and pension reforms in Bolivia: The case of Renta Dignida

How social protection programmes affect work choices is a question that has been at the centre of labour economics research for decades...

Social protection Informal work Bolivia
Working Paper
Exploring options for a universal old age pension in Tanzania Mainland

The provision of a universal old age pension is increasingly recognized as an important instrument for strengthening and extending social protection...

Microsimulation Old age Non-contributory pensions
Journal Article
Basic Old‐Age Protection in Latin America: Noncontributory Pensions, Coverage Expansion Strategies, and Aging Patterns across Countries

Part of Journal Special Issue Welfare and distributive effects of social assistance in the Global South

Equality Old age Social pensions
Working Paper
The expansion of economic protection for older adults in Latin America: Key design features of non-contributory pensions

Over the past two decades, many Latin American countries have expanded the economic protection of older adults by developing non-contributory pensions or making eligibility rules more flexible...

Equality Old age Social pensions
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