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Working Paper
Roots of dissent: Trade liberalization and the rise of populism in Brazil

This paper investigates the long-term impact of economic shocks on populism, by exploiting a natural experiment created by the trade liberalization process implemented in Brazil between 1990 and 1995...

Trade liberalization Populism austerity
Book Chapter
The Politics of Inequality and Redistribution in Latin America's Post-Adjustment Era

From the book: Falling Inequality in Latin America

Democratization Equality and inequality Income distribution
Journal Article
Opposition Parties and the Urban Poor in African Democracies

Africa’s urban poor increasingly represent a key constituency for electoral mobilization...

Democracy Democratization Populism
From the Editor's Desk (February 2012)

Tony Addison It’s now February, and Helsinki remains deep in snow. We had an extended blizzard last weekend, with temperatures hovering around minus five...

Human capital Nationalism Democracy
Working Paper
The Politics of Inequality and Redistribution in Latin America’s Post-Adjustment Era

Declining social and economic inequalities since the late 1990s coincided with several basic shifts in Latin America’s political landscape, including an electoral turn to the left and a revival of social mobilization from below...

Democratization Equality and inequality Income distribution
Working Paper
Populist Strategies in African Democracies

Drawing on insights from Latin America, this paper examines the factors that contributed to the use of populist strategies by political parties during recent presidential elections in Kenya, South Africa, and Zambia...

Economic development Political science Populism
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