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Poverty analysis
Working Paper
Estimating poverty transitions in Mozambique using synthetic panels: A validation exercise and an application to cross-sectional survey data

In this paper we first validate the use of the synthetic panels technique in the context of the 2014/15 intra-year panel survey data for Mozambique, and then apply the same technique to the 1996/97, 2002/03, 2008/09, and 2014/15 cross-sectional house...

Poverty Dynamics poverty transitions Mozambique
Journal Article
What does it mean to be poor?: Investigating the qualitative-quantitative divide in Mozambique

Motivated by the siloed nature of much poverty research, as well as the challenge of finding inclusive operational definitions of poverty, this study reflects on the merits of seeking to reconcile economic (quantitative) and anthropological (qualitat...

Poverty analysis Poverty measurement Anthropology
Working Paper
Multidimensional poverty in Vietnam: Evidence from a rural household survey

For years, the international development community has been considering poverty as a multidimensional phenomenon, which takes into account not only income or consumption of the poor, but also their access to basic needs (education, health, etc.) and ...

Multidimensional poverty Poverty analysis Household survey
Working Paper
What does it mean to be poor?: Investigating the qualitative–quantitative divide in Mozambique

This paper reflects on the relationship between economic (quantitative) and anthropological (qualitative) approaches to the analysis of poverty in developing countries...

Poverty analysis Poverty measurement
Photo: ILRI / Mann Inclusive growth in Mozambique – scaling-up research and capacity

Theme: Transformation

Mozambique Employment generation Industrial policy
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