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Poverty traps
Working Paper
Clientelism and development: is there a poverty trap?

There are sound theoretical reasons to expect clientelism to suppress economic growth: politicians who garner support by offering employment to voters and grassroots party members can do so more effectively when the voters’ participation constr...

Clientelism political competition Public policy
Temporary shock or lasting poverty trap?: COVID-19 in South Africa

South Africa’s COVID-19 lockdown regulations are likely to have a devastating impact on the incomes of workers and their dependents . Already disadvantaged groups will suffer disproportionately from the adverse effects...

COVID-19 Poverty traps
Health inequalities and development

Theme: 2006-07

The purpose of this project was to investigate issues related to health inequality. Although health is an important indicator of overall wellbeing, it is only recently that research has focused on health inequality. This project brings forth issues...

Poverty Inequality and Well-being Health
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