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Working Paper
Good business practices improve productivity in Myanmar’s manufacturing sector: Evidence from two matched employer–employee surveys

We look into the relationship between business practices and enterprise productivity using panel data with matched employer and employee information from Myanmar...

Business Management Productivity
Blue lights over a city ETD – Economic Transformation Database Economic transformation Employment Productivity
GGDC/UNU-WIDER Economic Transformation Database presented at STEG conference

On 13 January 2021, Gaaitzen de Vries , researcher at the Groningen Growth and Development Centre (GGDC) and UNU-WIDER, presented new research findings on industrialization patterns in developing economies at the online annual conference of the...

13 January 202115 January 2021
Past event
Working Paper
Formalization and productivity: Firm-level evidence from Viet Nam

Using a firm-level panel dataset on private small- and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in Viet Nam’s manufacturing sector, this paper examines productivity dynamics of formal and informal firms...

Formalization Productivity Firm productivity
Working Paper
Effects of productivity growth on domestic savings across countries: Disentangling the roles of trend and cycle

Resource mobilization continues to be an important policy challenge for developing economies, raising questions as to what determines differences in saving behaviour across countries...

Saving Productivity Growth
Working Paper
Exporters and global value chain participation: Firm-level evidence from South Africa

Using the South African Revenue Service and National Treasury firm-level panel data for 2009–17, this paper investigates how global value chain-related trade affects the export performance of manufacturing firms in South Africa...

Global value chains Learning by exporting Productivity
Working Paper
Influence of institutional factors on the performance of the agricultural sector in Mozambique

This paper is a review of the institutions and the performance of the agricultural sector in Mozambique, using an analysis table adapted to the assessment of the connections between the institutions and economic development...

Agriculture Environment Institutions
Journal Article
Market constraints, misallocation, and productivity in Vietnam agriculture

Part of Journal Special Issue Understanding agricultural development and change

Viet Nam Agriculture Misallocation
Working Paper
Productivity, structural change, and skills dynamics: Evidence from a half-century analysis

This paper explores the contribution of structural change and the skill upgrading of the labour force to productivity...

MENA Productivity Skills
Book Chapter
Local content in Zambia—a faltering experience?

From the book: Mining for Change

Industrialization Local content Economic linkages
Book Chapter
The construction sector in Zambia

From the book: Mining for Change

Industrialization Local content Economic linkages
Photo: Zbysiu Rodak / Unsplash ETD – Economic Transformation Database

Theme: Transforming economies

Employment Productivity Database
Book Chapter
Unemployment, Employment and Development

From the book: Asian Transformations

Labour Employment Economic growth
Working Paper
Resource misallocation and total factor productivity: Manufacturing firms in South Africa

Misallocation of labour and capital can greatly reduce aggregate productivity. In this study, we use tax administrative data to examine the extent of resource misallocation in the South African context...

Resource misallocation Productivity
Journal Article
Drivers of productivity in Vietnamese SMEs: the role of management standards and innovation

Using a rich panel dataset of small and medium scale manufacturing enterprises (SMEs) active in the manufacturing sector in Viet Nam, this paper investigates the drivers of firm productivity, focusing on the role played by international management st...

Management standards ISO certification Technological innovations
Book Chapter
Trade in services: Opening markets to create opportunities

From the book: Industries without Smokestacks

Services Productivity Growth
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