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Working Paper
Evaluating rural roads programmes: A general equilibrium analysis

The structure employed is a small open economy, with one city and a rural hinterland, two traded goods, a transport sector, two specific factors, and mobile labour...

Rural roads General equilibrium Profitability
Working Paper
What drove the profitability of colonial firms?: Labour coercion and trade preferences on the Sena Sugar Estates (1920–74)

The magnitude of returns to colonial-era investments in Africa has been addressed in an extensive literature, as have the nature and legacies of extractive colonial institutions...

Mozambique Sugarcane Forced labour
Working Paper
Spillovers from extractive industries

Extractive industries form an important part of the economy for many developing countries, but their impact on growth and welfare remains understudied...

Mining South Africa Spillovers
Working Paper
Firms’ resilience to financial constraints: The role of trade credit

We study the role of trade credit in enhancing the resilience of financially constrained firms from 2010 to 2017...

Financial constraints trade credit Employment
Working Paper
The social profitability of rural roads in a small open economy: Do urban agglomeration economies matter?

In the presence of agglomeration economies, the effects of a rural roads programme depend not only on the reduction in transportation costs, but also on the form of labour mobility...

Rural roads Profitability Transportation
Working Paper
Subsidized labour and firms: Investment, profitability, and leverage

Employing the difference-in-differences technique, this study examines the impact of the Employment Tax Incentive programme on a large sample of South African firms from 2011 to 2016...

Labour subsidy Investment Profitability
Working Paper
The tipping point: The impact of rising electricity tariffs on large firms in South Africa

While much research has been done on the economic impacts of load-shedding in South Africa, fewer studies have focused on the effects of the rapidly rising electricity tariffs...

Net present value Own-generation Elasticity of demand
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