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Quantitative research
Bootcamp for better tax policies in Africa

‘I intend to see a world in which tax policy research is based on evidence, and policy decisions are data-driven.’ This is an aspiration expressed by a participant of the WIDER Winter School 2022 ...

Tax compliance Capacity building Data
Mozambique case study shows that poverty is about much more than income

What does it mean to be poor? On the face of it, this may not sound like a very difficult question. In developed countries, almost all official and everyday definitions refer to poverty in income terms...

Poverty Quantitative research Anthropology
UNU-WIDER Summer School

UNU-WIDER, in collaboration with the Development Policy Research Unit (DPRU) at University of Cape Town (UCT), is holding the 2-week intensive UNU-WIDER Summer School on applied labour economics in Cape Town 18-29 November 2019.

Database Labour market Quantitative research
Journal Article
What does it mean to be poor?: Investigating the qualitative-quantitative divide in Mozambique

Motivated by the siloed nature of much poverty research, as well as the challenge of finding inclusive operational definitions of poverty, this study reflects on the merits of seeking to reconcile economic (quantitative) and anthropological (qualitat...

Poverty analysis Poverty measurement Anthropology
UNU-WIDER Summer School


Capacity building Data Quantitative research
Working Paper
Renewable energy in the Brazilian Amazon: The drivers of political economy and climate

Understanding the political economic drivers of energy planning in the Brazilian Amazon is critical since the forest is increasingly vulnerable to destruction and related, increased poverty...

Quantitative research Renewable energy Sustainable development
Inequality in Latin America and the Importance of Data - An Interview with Nora Lustig

In this interview Professor Nora Lustig , Samuel Z...

Education Equality and inequality Fiscal policy
From the Editor's Desk (March 2015)

I’m writing this editorial from Dar es Salaam, while at the 20 th anniversary workshop for Tanzania’s REPOA , one of our research partners...

Capitalism Economic assistance and foreign aid Economic policy
An Interview with David Malone

17 October 2013 In this video we interview the Rector of the United Nations University (UNU), David Malone from Canada, who has held both diplomatic and academic research positions, and who locates the UNU within the UN system as being on the interfa...

Economic development Qualitative research Quantitative research
Identifying 'What Works' in Foreign Aid: Experimental and Non-experimental Approaches

24 September 2013 Rachel M. Gisselquist and Miguel Niño-Zarazúa UNU-WIDER's ReCom programme is centred around four core questions: what works, what could work, what is scalable, and what is transferrable in foreign aid?...

Economic assistance and foreign aid Economic surveys Quantitative research
Journal Article
Some Forward Looking Thoughts on Studying Climate Adaptation for an Uncertain Future: A Postscript Editorial Comment

Part of Journal Special Issue Climate Change and Economic Development

Climate change Decision making Global warming
Introduction to data analysis using STATA


29 May 2012
Zambia Institute for Policy Analysis and Research, Lusaka, Zambia
Past event
Working Paper
Urban Settlement: Data, Measures, and Trends

This paper examines data on urbanization. We review the most commonly used data sources, and highlight the difficulties inherent in defining and measuring the size of urban versus rural populations...

Economic development Quantitative research Regional economics
Book Chapter
Urban Settlement: Data, Measures, and Trends

From the book: Urbanization and Development

Economic development Quantitative research Regional economics
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