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Recentered influence function
Working Paper
The recentered influence function and unidimensional poverty measurement

I discuss the applicability of the recentered influence function (RIF) to the analysis of poverty differentials between distributions (regression-based decomposition into composition and income structure effects)...

Poverty Recentered influence function Decomposition
Working Paper
Jobs, earnings, and routine-task occupational change in times of revolution: The Tunisian perspective

In this paper we investigate the links between wage inequality and the changing nature of jobs in a revolution context...

Routinization Wage inequality Tasks
Working Paper
Wage polarization in a high-inequality emerging economy: The case of South Africa

Earnings growth in South Africa displayed a U-shaped pattern across the earnings percentiles between 2000 and 2015, resembling wage polarization in the industrialized world...

Inequality Minimum wage Recentered influence function
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