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Renewable energy
Ukraine: War, energy, and net zero

Just over seven months ago the United Nations convened its 26th Climate Change Conference (COP-26) in Glasgow, with the world nervously emerging from the pandemic...

Ukraine Climate change Extractives
The zero carbon agenda and metals demand: some major dilemmas

The transition to net zero over the next few decades will involve a large increase in the global demand for many metals essential to the renewables revolution driving that transition...

COP26 Climate change Extractive industries
Journal Article
Biofuels technology development in Southern Africa

Part of Journal Special Issue Bioenergy in Southern Africa

Biofuel Bioenergy Technology maturity
Book Chapter
An Analysis of the Links between Foreign Aid and Co2 Emissions in Cities

From the book: Aid Effectiveness for Environmental Sustainability

Foreign aid Emissions Green cities
Working Paper
Biofuels technology: A look forward

This paper assesses biofuels technology readiness and provides foresight to biofuels development in Southern Africa...

Biofuel Bioenergy Technology maturity
Working Paper
Energy futures modelling for African countries: LEAP model application

This study develops a scenario-based model to assess the current and future trends in energy demand in Africa and associated greenhouse gas emissions...

Energy forecasting Energy efficiency Sustainable energy
Working Paper
Wind turbine and photovoltaic generating efficiency in Africa

As the technology of climate-dependent energy sources is improving—both cheaper and more efficient—the energy sources are becoming more accessible for many of the nations in Africa...

Renewable energy Energy planning Energy trade
Journal Article
Producing Biofuels in Low-Income Countries: An Integrated Environmental and Economic Assessment for Tanzania

This paper jointly evaluates the greenhouse gas emissions and economic impacts from producing biofuels in Tanzania...

Agriculture Environment and economic development Economic equilibrium
Working Paper
Is feed-in-tariff policy effective for increasing deployment of renewable energy in Indonesia?

To accelerate the deployment of renewable energy technologies and to secure the electricity supply, the Government of Indonesia has issued several feed-in-tariff regulations for various renewable energy sources, which were previously predominated by ...

Environmental policy Environmental taxation Power resources
Working Paper
The political economy of clean energy transitions at sub-national level: Understanding the role of international climate regimes in energy policy in two Brazilian states

This paper examines the political economy aspects, particularly the influence of the Clean Development Mechanism, in clean energy and climate change policies in the states of Bahia and Rio Grande do Sul in Brazil...

Renewable energy Sustainable development Climate change
Working Paper
Towards a political economy framework for wind power: Does China break the mould?

We propose a general taxonomy of the political economy challenges to wind power development and integration, highlighting the implications in terms of actors, interests, and risks...

Renewable energy
Working Paper
An inquiry into the political economy of the global clean energy transition policies and Nigeria’s federal and state governments’ fiscal policies

In order to implement clean energy transition programmes, the national and sub-national governments in Nigeria will incur some cost. In the same way, failure to implement the policies will come with some costs...

Fiscal policy Nonrenewable natural resources Renewable energy
Working Paper
The effects of climate risk on hydropower P3 contract value: Preliminary study of the Inga 3 Dam

Large hydropower dams are at the centre of a debate weighing the value and costs of renewable energy against the risks of climate change...

Environment Renewable energy
Working Paper
Implementing EU renewable energy policy at the subnational level: Navigating between conflicting interests

The European Union (EU) has set targets for gradually reducing greenhouse gas emissions through 2050. One of the instruments involved is the 2009 Renewable Energy Directive, which specifies a 20 per cent renewable energy target for the EU by 2020...

Forests and forestry Renewable energy State governments
Working Paper
Governing clean energy transitions in China and India: A comparative political economy analysis

China and India will have to radically transform their electric power systems in order to decouple economic growth from unsustainable resource consumption...

Economic growth Environmental policy Political science
Working Paper
The social shaping of nuclear energy technology in South Africa

This paper analyses the question why the South African government intends to procure nuclear energy technology, despite affordable and accessible fossil and renewable energy alternatives...

Environmental policy Renewable energy Technology
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