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Journal Article
Income distribution and the potential of redistributive systems in Africa: A decomposition approach

THIS ARTICLE IS ON EARLY VIEW | Redistributive systems in Africa are still in their infancy but are expanding in order to finance increasing public spending...

Tax-benefit microsimulation Tax-benefit policy Microsimulation
The pandemic and Africa's social safety net

The COVID-19 pandemic has shown that African tax and social-benefit systems are currently ill-equipped to protect households from sudden income losses...

Tax-benefit microsimulation SOUTHMOD Sub-Saharan Africa
An African in Africa: New perspectives on travelling for research

Working for an international organisation presents a host of challenges, given the vast nature of tasks that one must surmount in a fast paced and changing environment...

Zambia Ghana Africa
Efforts to protect the poor during COVID: How five African countries fared

The number of people living in poverty around the world is estimated to have increased by half a billion people due to the COVID-19 crisis...

COVID-19 Sub-Saharan Africa Tax-benefit policy
From sub-Saharan Africa to Viet Nam and Ecuador, how one model is used to improve social protection

Are there enough tax payers to generate the revenue needed by governments to reduce poverty? How adequate are the social security arrangements that already exist?...

South Africa SOUTHMOD Tax-benefit microsimulation
Fourth training on TAZMOD - a tax-benefit microsimulation model for Tanzania

As part of the SOUTHMOD project, the national team at University of Dar es Salaam in collaboration with UNU-WIDER, and Southern African Social Policy Research Insights ( SASPRI ) organizes a training event on the TAZMOD model. This fourth training...

29 November 20212 December 2021
Dar es Salaam, Tanzania
Past event
Results meeting
Microsimulation of agricultural policies in Zambia
25 November 2021
Online, Zambia
Past event
Dr Pia Rattenhuber on inequality in crises — an interview

How do crises such as the COVID-19 pandemic influence inequality and the other way around? This year’s UN Day Dresden put a spotlight on “ Inequalities in Crises ”...

Inequality COVID-19 Crisis
SOUTHMOD work presented at the Mozambique Social Protection Week

The Ministry of Gender, Child and Social Action ( MGCAS ) organises a Social Protection theme week in Mozambique 11-15 October 2021. During the week, on 15 October, The Mozambican Ministry of Economy and Finance ( MEF ) with Internation Labour...

15 October 2021
Radisson Blu, Mozambique
Past event
Project workshop
SOUTHMOD modelling mini-retreat

On 14 and 18 October 2021, 15 researchers from different countries gathered together for a SOUTHMOD mini-retreat. The participants discussed different aspects of the SOUTHMOD tax-benefit microsimulation software and examined possible changes to the...

14 October 202118 October 2021
Online, Finland
Past event
Policy seminar
Cash Plus dissemination event
5 October 2021
Hotel Southern Sun Ridgeway, Lusaka, online, Zambia
Past event
Press Release | New UN study reveals limited impact of tax and social protection policies in the early stages of the COVID-19 pandemic in Africa Africa SOUTHMOD Tax-benefit microsimulation
SOUTHMOD country report Ghana - GHAMOD v2.3

This report documents GHAMOD, the SOUTHMOD model developed for Ghana. The report describes the different tax-benefit policies in place, how the microsimulation model picks up these different provisions, and the database on which the model runs...

Taxation Government revenue GHAMOD
Technical Note
Iterative proportional fitting for reweighting input data in SOUTHMOD microsimulation models

This note describes how the counterfactual datasets in the working paper by Lastunen et al. (2021) have been reweighted, for each country analysed, to the ‘pre-crisis’ time point of 31 March 2020...

COVID-19 SOUTHMOD Microsimulation
SOUTHMOD country report Ecuador - ECUAMOD v2.0

This report documents ECUAMOD, the SOUTHMOD micrososimulation model developed for Ecuador...

Taxes Benefits Microsimulation
SOUTHMOD country report Mozambique - MOZMOD v2.6a

This report documents MOZMOD, the SOUTHMOD model developed for Mozambique. It describes the different tax-benefit policies in place, how the microsimulation model picks up these different provisions, and the database on which the model runs...

Fiscal policy Revenues Taxation
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