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Working Paper
The global distribution of routine and non-routine work

Studies of the effects of technology and globalization on employment and inequality commonly assume that occupations are identical around the world in the job tasks they require...

de-routinization Economic development global division of labour
Working Paper
Productivity, structural change, and skills dynamics: Evidence from a half-century analysis

This paper explores the contribution of structural change and the skill upgrading of the labour force to productivity...

MENA Productivity Skills
Book Chapter
The construction sector in Tanzania

From the book: Mining for Change

Construction sector Contractors Land
Research Brief
The impact on jobs and earnings of offshoring in South Africa

The success of an economy’s manufacturing sector is often critical to economic growth and development...

offshoring Firm-level data Linked employer-employee data
Working Paper
Offshoring within South African manufacturing firms: An analysis of the labour market effects

In South Africa, the manufacturing sector—important for growth and employment creation—has shown declining growth, poor productivity performance, decreased labour demand, and increased imports of intermediate goods (offshoring activities)...

offshoring Firm-level data Linked employer-employee data
Working Paper
Role of the construction sector and key bottlenecks to supply response in Tanzania

The construction sector is a key enabler for social and economic development worldwide...

Construction sector Contractors Land
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