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Social norms
Working Paper
Enhancing the livelihoods of marginalized indigenous women through customary forests in Bali, Indonesia

This study examines how, why, and under what conditions marginalized women of customary communities can contribute and gain access to the benefits of the social forestry programme...

Women Forests and forestry Culture
Annual Lecture
Women’s struggle for land in South Asia: Can legal reforms trump social norms? Gender Land rights Social norms
Background Note
Behavioural experiments as an impactful tool in sustainable development

Introduction Only recently has the importance and potential of behavioural sciences been recognized as a critical tool to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)...

Behavioral economics Decision making Altruism
Working Paper
Norms that matter: Exploring the distribution of women’s work between income generation, expenditure-saving, and unpaid domestic responsibilities in India

Based on primary data from India, this paper analyses the reasons underlying women’s low labour force participation. In developing countries, women engaged in unpaid economic work in family enterprises are often not counted as workers...

Female labour force participation India Social norms
Working Paper
Material barriers, cultural boundaries: A mixed-methods analysis of gender and labour market segmentation in Bangladesh

Data on female labour force participation in Bangladesh suggest that, despite the increase in female-intensive employment opportunities through microfinance, export garment manufacturing, and community-based services, the majority of working women ar...

Gender inequality Labour market segmentation Mixed methods
Working Paper
Social norms as a barrier to women’s employment in developing countries

This paper discusses cultural barriers to women’s participation and success in the labor market in developing countries...

Culture Institutions Developing countries
Book Chapter
Eradicating women-hurting customs: What role for social engineering?

From the book: Towards Gender Equity in Development

Social norms Harmful customs Gender
Working Paper
Eradicating women-hurting customs: What role for social engineering?

Social engineering refers to deliberate attempts, often under the form of legislative moves, to promote changes in customs and norms that hurt the interests of marginalized population groups...

Social norms Harmful customs Gender
Working Paper
Polygamy and female labour supply in Senegal

In this paper, we explore the links between polygyny and female labour supply in Senegal using a nationally representative survey...

Collective model Intra-household allocation Polygyny
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