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Social protection
Book Chapter
Choices for spending government revenue: New African oil, gas, and mining economies

From the book: Extractive Industries

Extractives Education Framework
Working Paper
Quantifying the impacts of expanding social protection on efficiency and equity: Evidence from a behavioural microsimulation model for Ghana

A large informal sector is a challenge for developing countries building up social protection systems...

Developing countries Social protection Taxation
Annual Lecture
Interventions against poverty in poor places Poverty Social protection Cash-transfers
Working Paper
Choices for spending government revenue: New African oil, gas, and mining economies

This paper examines a broad range of opportunities for addressing the pressing human development needs of low-income countries by using new oil, gas, and mineral discoveries...

Extractives Education Framework
Working Paper
The global politics of social protection

Since the early 2000s international development agencies have actively promoted social protection as a new global public policy...

Africa Policy transfer Politics
Working Paper
The politics of scaling up social protection in Kenya

Literature on social protection in Kenya shows progress in implementation of cash transfers but not the social health insurance scheme...

Kenya Social protection Cash transfers
Working Paper
Social protection, electoral competition, and political branding in Malawi

Competitive elections in many parts of Africa generate powerful incentives to presidential candidates (and to a lesser extent political parties) to brand themselves in ways that transcend regional or ethnic loyalties...

Elections Political branding Social protection
Working Paper
Poverty, changing political regimes, and social cash transfers in Zimbabwe, 1980–2016

Since 2000, Zimbabwe has been under some pressure to provide more fully for its children. It is not clear whether child poverty has worsened, although AIDS, drought, and economic mismanagement have all compromised poverty reduction...

Poverty Child poverty Politics
Working Paper
Building a conservative welfare state in Botswana

Botswana’s welfare state is both a parsimonious laggard in comparison with some other middle-income countries in Africa (such as Mauritius and South Africa) and extensive (in comparison with its low-income neighbours to the north and east)...

Social protection Drought Relief Conservatism
Working Paper
Fiscal capacity and social protection expenditure in developing nations

There is scant analysis on the causal relationship between fiscal capacity and social protection expenditure in the developing world...

fiscal capacity Inequality Institutions
Working Paper
Worker retraining and transfer payments: The political economy of social protection

We conduct an incentive-theoretical analysis of political economy considerations in the design of social protection programmes in developing countries to accompany economic reforms...

Political economy Social protection Transfer payments
Social protection in development

Improving the social protection of the poor and vulnerable is a global concern and co-operation is needed at all levels. As part of efforts to build dialogue and to better support social protection in developing countries, Jukka Pirttilä...

17 January 201718 January 2017
German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development, Bonn, Germany
Past event
Working Paper
The politics of promoting social protection in Zambia

This paper examines the rise of the social protection agenda in Zambia, and demonstrates that this has two alternative drivers: shifting dynamics within Zambia’s political settlement and the promotional efforts of a transnational policy coaliti...

Cash transfers Ideas Political settlements
Working Paper
Ideational and institutional drivers of social protection in Tanzania

In the early 2000s, there was low elite commitment to social protection in Tanzania. Yet, in 2012, the government officially launched a countrywide social safety net programme, and a year later it announced the introduction of an old age pension...

Social protection Policy entrpreneurs Political settlements
Working Paper
Trade, poverty, and social protection in developing countries

How do shifts in trade affect social protections for the poor?...

Globalization and Trade Social protection
Working Paper
Social protection in an aspiring ‘developmental state’: The political drivers of Ethiopia’s PSNP

Ethiopia’s Productive Safety Net Programme is among the largest social protection programmes in Africa and has been promoted as a model for the continent...

Food security Political settlements Process tracing
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