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Social protection
Journal Article
Does the depth of informality influence welfare in urban sub-Saharan Africa?

THIS ARTICLE IS ON EARLY VIEW | We explore the relationship between household welfare and informality, measuring household informality as the share of members’ activities (hours worked or income) without social insurance...

Informality Measurement Poverty
Working Paper
The role of social protection and tax policies in cushioning crisis impacts on income and poverty in low- and middle-income countries: A rapid scoping review

In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, several countries enacted tax and social protection measures to help mitigate the economic hardship faced by individuals and households...

Social protection Taxation Crisis
Social protection and taxation in crises – How can tax-benefit systems support households through crisis?
13 December 2022
Online, Finland
Past event
New country on the SOUTHMOD map: Meet our tax-benefit microsimulation team in Rwanda!

How can Global South countries improve their tax and social protection systems? One way is to take advantage of tools that help assess the impact of different policies...

Tax-benefit microsimulation Tax-benefit policy Social protection
Teamwork and capacity strengthening to promote development: The case of Mozambique

Designing and implementing public policies requires caution to guarantee the best use of scarce resources, especially in middle- and lower-income countries...

Social protection Tax-benefit microsimulation Tax-benefit policy
Working Paper
The effectiveness of social protection in five African countries through normal times and times of crisis

We study the effectiveness of social protection benefits in reducing income and consumption poverty in five sub-Saharan African countries—Ghana, Mozambique, Tanzania, Uganda, and Zambia—in normal times and times of widespread economic cri...

Income Poverty and consumption Social protection
MOZMOD work presented at the Mozambique Social Protection Week

The Ministry of Gender, Child and Social Action ( MGCAS ) organises a Social Protection theme week in Mozambique 21-27 November 2022. During the week, on 25 November, The Mozambican Ministry of Economy and Finance ( MEF ) with Internation Labour...

25 November 2022
Centro de Conferencias Joaquim Chissano, Maputo, Mozambique
Past event
Working Paper
Social protection floor gaps and pandemic relief measures: a case for universalism?: Exploring scalability through targeted versus universalist approaches

With the expansion of social protection measures due to the COVID-19 pandemic, considerations both old and new have surfaced regarding targeted versus universalist approaches...

Crisis Social protection Targeting
Sales recovered faster from the pandemic than employment: Evidence from tax administrative and survey data in Zambia

Like most other countries, the government of Zambia introduced restrictions to control COVID-19, which considerably curtailed normal economic activity...

Competitiveness Debt Finance
Working Paper
Social protection expansions during crisis and fiscal space: From ad hoc to durable solutions?

This study provides a first attempt to contribute a large-scale assessment of whether crisis response as observed during the COVID-19 pandemic can serve as a feasible blueprint for creating durable solutions across countries...

Social protection Tax revenue COVID-19
Journal Article
Informality and pension reforms in Bolivia: The case of Renta Dignidad

Part of Journal Special Issue What sustains informality

Social protection Informal work Bolivia
Working Paper
Social protection for working-age women in Tanzania: Exploring past policy trajectories and simulating future paths

Tanzania has expanded its social protection framework significantly over the past decade, but the country continues to grapple with important gender inequalities...

Social protection Tanzania Women
Author workshop on tax-benefit systems and crisis
6 June 20228 June 2022
Online, Finland
Past event
SOUTHMOD presented at Tampere University

The Global Health and Social Policy research unit of Tampere university organized an in person The Futures of Global Social Policy Workshop on 30 May 2022. UNU-WIDER Research Associate Jesse Lastunen and Research Assistant Enrico Nichelatti...

30 May 2022
Tampere, Finland
Past event
Working Paper
Microsimulation approaches to studying shocks and social protection in selected developing economies

This paper calculates automatic stabilization in Ghana, South Africa, and Ecuador to explain income cushioning amid income and demand shocks. Fiscal policies within these countries are also stress tested to gauge welfare contingencies and insurance...

Developing countries Shocks Social protection
Technical Note
Feasibility study: simulating the impacts of farm subsidies on poverty and inequality in African countries

Agricultural subsidies may have significant productive and distributional consequences, and policy-makers need to be able to assess these impacts as a part of the overall tax and benefit policy...

Agricultural policy Subsidies Taxation
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