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South Africa
Journal Article
The livelihood impacts of COVID-19 in urban South Africa: A view from below

This paper investigates the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic and related policy measures on livelihoods in urban South Africa...

COVID-19 Welfare dynamics Lockdown
Working Paper
A policy for the jobless youth in South Africa: Individual impacts of the Employment Tax Incentive

This paper uses survey and tax administrative data to analyse the effects of a sizeable employer-borne payroll tax credit for young, low-wage workers in South Africa...

Employment Youth Wage subsidy
Working Paper
The effect of wage subsidies on job retention: Evidence from South Africa during the COVID-19 pandemic

Wage subsidies have served as a primary labour market policy used around the world to mitigate job losses in response to the COVID-19 pandemic...

COVID-19 South Africa Labour market
Working Paper
Determinants of corporate cash holdings in South Africa

Globally, corporate cash holdings have risen since the 1980s...

South Africa Corporate finance Cash holdings
Working Paper
Social distress and (some) relief: Estimating the impact of pandemic job loss on poverty in South Africa

Up-to-date, nationally representative household income/expenditure data are crucial to estimating poverty during the COVID-19 pandemic and to policy-making more broadly, but South Africa lacks such data...

COVID-19 Poverty Labour market
Book Chapter
Economic growth, rising inequality, and deindustrialisation: South Africa’s Kuznetsian tension

From the book: The developer’s dilemma

Structural transformation Inclusive growth South Africa
Working Paper
The COVID-19 crisis and the South African informal economy: A stalled recovery

This paper seeks to identify the differentiated impacts of the crisis on specific groups of informal workers...

COVID-19 South Africa Informal
Working Paper
Monetary policy in South Africa, 2007–21

This paper reviews South Africa’s monetary policy since 2007 and makes recommendations towards improving the inflation-targeting framework currently in place...

Monetary policy Inflation targeting Output gap
Working Paper
Spillovers from extractive industries

Extractive industries form an important part of the economy for many developing countries, but their impact on growth and welfare remains understudied...

Mining South Africa Spillovers
Working Paper
Macroeconomic risks after a decade of microeconomic turbulence: South Africa (2007–2020)

This study analyses the performance of macroeconomic policy in South Africa in 2007–2020 and outlines challenges for policy in the coming decade...

Macroeconomic policy Economic growth Emerging markets
From sub-Saharan Africa to Viet Nam and Ecuador, how one model is used to improve social protection

Are there enough tax payers to generate the revenue needed by governments to reduce poverty? How adequate are the social security arrangements that already exist?...

South Africa SOUTHMOD Tax-benefit microsimulation
Brian Levy and Alan Hirsch on the challenge of economic inclusion in South Africa
2 November 2021
Online, Helsinki, Finland
Past event
Working Paper
Tariffs, productivity, and resource misallocation

An often-neglected potential negative consequence of tariffs is the impact they may have on the misallocation of factor inputs...

Tariffs Productivity Misallocation
Working Paper
Simulation of options to replace the special COVID-19 Social Relief of Distress grant and close the poverty gap at the food poverty line

We use a fiscal incidence model based on the South African 2014/15 Living Conditions Survey to simulate the poverty reduction impacts of a selection of medium-to-long-term social grant options with the goal of replacing the existing special COVID-19 ...

Fiscal incidence Social protection Social spending
Working Paper
The macroeconomic effect of fiscal policy in South Africa: A narrative analysis

This paper analyses the macroeconomic effect of legislated personal income tax changes in South Africa over the 1996–2019 period...

Personal income tax Structural VAR Instrumental variable
Technical Note
Exploring the quality of income data in two South African household surveys which underpin SAMOD

This note has set out several data processes that have been undertaken using the income data in dataset(s) that underpin SAMOD...

Tax-benefit microsimulation Income distribution South Africa
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