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State legitimacy
Working Paper
Trust the hand that protects you—Does UN peacekeeping harm post-conflict governments’ legitimacy?

Rebuilding state legitimacy is a thorny challenge in the aftermath of civil wars. The international community has stepped in to support post-conflict states in rebuilding state capacity, sometimes replacing governments in providing public goods...

State legitimacy Post-conflict Trust
Working Paper
Understanding Somalia’s social contract and state-building efforts: Consequences for donor interventions

Building on a World Bank regional study in Africa aiming at measuring social contracts concepts and within the framework of reflecting on future donor interventions, this paper applies social contracts measurement and complements with qualitative ass...

Somalia Social contract Security
Working Paper
Governance and COVID-19 in Bolivia

On 10 March 2020, the Bolivian government identified two COVID-19 cases in Bolivians returning from Italy. The national government responded swiftly and sent the country into one of the world’s strictest lockdowns on 22 March 2020...

Bolivia COVID-19 Subnational
Working Paper
The Tanzanian state response to COVID-19: Why low capacity, discursive legitimacy, and twilight authority matter

Tanzania received significant global attention for its COVID-19 response during the first year of the pandemic...

Tanzania Nationalism State authority
Why countries best placed to handle the pandemic appear to have fared the worst

During the first year of the pandemic, it was wealthier countries, with their comparatively stronger health systems, civil services, legal systems and other public services, that suffered the highest rates of COVID-19...

COVID-19 Pandemic State
Working Paper
COVID-19 and the state

We expect effective state institutions to matter in a country’s ability to respond to crises...

COVID-19 Pandemic State
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