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Working Paper
States of disorder: An ecosystems approach to state-building in conflict-affected countries

Why is the recent track record of state-building so poor?...

Statebuilding Peacebuilding Governance
Working Paper
The incursion of Leviathan: wartime territorial control and post-conflict state capacity in Peru

How do civil war dynamics affect state-building decisions in the aftermath of conflict?...

Civil conflict State capacity Post-conflict
Working Paper
Wartime governance and state-building trajectories in post-conflict societies

To date, there is limited understanding about the consequences of wartime dynamics for post-war state-building processes...

Political violence War Conflict
Working Paper
Fiscal states in sub-Saharan Africa: conceptualization and empirical trends

This paper contributes to the debate on domestic revenue mobilization and state-building in the Global South by asking whether there are fiscal states in sub-Saharan Africa...

Fiscal states Sub-Saharan Africa Taxation
Working Paper
No taxation without informational foundation: On the role of legibility in tax state development

This paper combines cross-national statistical analysis and in-depth historical case studies of Argentina and Chile to explore the relationship between two crucial dimensions of state capacity...

State capacity Information Fiscal capacity
Book Chapter
Foreign aid and peacebuilding

Foreign aid is a core component of peacebuilding and among the largest external financial flows to fragile states and conflict-affected areas. Nevertheless, troubling critiques have been raised about its overall impact and effectiveness...

Foreign aid Peacebuilding Aid effectiveness
Photo: © Jonathan Ernst/World Bank Sub-national institutional performance across Ghana’s districts and regions – variation and causes Ghana Institutional performance State capacity
UN Photo/Stuart Price Institutional legacies of violent conflict

Theme: Transforming states

Violent conflict Political violence Wartime governance
Working Paper
Civic legacies of wartime governance

In conflict zones around the world, both state and non-state actors deliver governance at local levels. This paper explores the long-term impact of individual exposure to ‘wartime governance’ on social and political behaviour...

Conflict Statebuilding Local development
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