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Stochastic processes
Journal Article
Institutions, Governance and Technology Catch-Up in North Africa

This paper aims to analyse the effects of institution quality on technology catch-up in five North African countries (Algeria, Egypt, Morocco, Sudan and Tunisia) compared to 3 groups of developing and emerging countries (Sub Saharan Africa, Asia, and...

Climatic changes Stochastic processes Technological innovations
Journal Article
Financial Liberalization and Banking Sector Efficiency in India: A Fourier Flexible functional form and Stochastic Frontier Approach

The Indian financial sector has undergone a significant structural transformation since the initiation of financial liberalization during 1990’s. It brought significant changes in the financial sector in general and banking in particular...

Banks and banking Cost effectiveness Stochastic processes
Working Paper
When to Start a New Firm?: Modelling the Timing of Novice and Serial Entrepreneurs

The success of new start-up firms often depends on timing. It is valuable for the potential entrepreneur to wait for the right moment before starting a new firm...

Business enterprises Choice Mathematical models (Decision making)
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