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Task content of jobs
Book Chapter
Brazil: employment and inequality trends

From the book: Tasks, skills, and institutions

Inequality Polarization Task content of jobs
Book Chapter
Global divergence in the de-routinization of jobs

From the book: Tasks, skills, and institutions

De-routinization Global division of labour Task content of jobs
Working Paper
The changing nature of work and inequality in Brazil (2003–19): A descriptive analysis

In this paper we use different sources of data on job task content to investigate the importance of occupations and the intensity of routine tasks embodied in them in explaining changes in employment and earnings in Brazil, in particular their relati...

Brazil Inequality Polarization
Working Paper
The global distribution of routine and non-routine work

Studies of the effects of technology and globalization on employment and inequality commonly assume that occupations are identical around the world in the job tasks they require...

De-routinization Economic development Global division of labour
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