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Tax benefits
Working Paper
Tax-benefit microsimulation model in Rwanda: A feasibility study

This paper assesses the feasibility of developing a tax and benefit microsimulation model in Rwanda...

Tax-benefit microsimulation Revenue Microsimulation
SOUTHMOD country report Viet Nam - VNMOD v2.3

This report documents VNMOD, the SOUTHMOD model developed for Viet Nam. This work has been carried out by the Central Institute for Economic Management ( CIEM ) in collaboration with UNU-WIDER and SASPRI...

Tax benefits Microsimulation Viet Nam
Technical Note
Full-year adjustment for modelling COVID-19 policies in SOUTHMOD tax-benefit microsimulation models

This technical note presents a modelling approach used in Lastunen et al. (2021) where tax and benefit policies are scaled to reflect their actual duration during a single calendar year...

COVID-19 Tax-benefit microsimulation Poverty
Project meeting
Cash Plus final meeting
28 July 2021
Lusaka, Zambia
Past event
Social protection in development

Improving the social protection of the poor and vulnerable is a global concern and co-operation is needed at all levels. As part of efforts to build dialogue and to better support social protection in developing countries, Jukka Pirttilä...

17 January 201718 January 2017
German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development, Bonn, Germany
Past event
Working Paper
Updating NAMOD: A Namibian tax-benefit microsimulation model

This paper provides an account of a Nambian tax-benefit microsimulation model—NAMOD—which has been developed for use by government...

Microsimulation modelling Tax benefits South Africa
A tax-benefit model for Ghana
5 September 2016
University of Essex, Essex, United Kingdom
Past event
Building African capacity for policy simulation

Theme: 1985-97

With the introduction of Poverty Reduction Strategy Papers (PRSPs) and Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), governments in Africa and other developing countries have been under great pressure to devise effective policies that will reduce poverty and...

Globalization Social and Human Development Africa
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