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Tax data
Working Paper
Earnings in the South African Revenue Service IRP5 data

The IRP5 and IT3(a) tax data from the South African Revenue Service have been made available to researchers through a joint project between the South African Revenue Service, the National Treasury, and UNU-WIDER...

Employment Labour income South Africa
Working Paper
Exclusive growth?: Rapidly increasing top incomes amidst low national growth in South Africa

Despite South Africa’s need for inclusive economic growth, we find that the income trajectories of the rich continue to diverge from the rest of the income distribution...

Top incomes Income distribution Tax data
Working Paper
Product market competition and the labour market: Evidence from South Africa

We study the relationship between product market competition and labour market outcomes in South Africa. We combine firm-level data from tax records with individual-level data from the labour force survey...

product market competition Tax data Unemployment
Working Paper
The size distribution of monetary policy effects among South African manufacturing firms: Firm-level evidence from administrative tax data

Monetary policy is believed to have a disproportionate effect on firms, depending on their size...

credit channel Firm heterogeneity Financial constraints
Working Paper
The creation of an individual panel using administrative tax microdata in South Africa

The availability of anonymized individual tax return data can contribute to a deeper understanding of the drivers behind the high levels of inequality and unemployment in South Africa...

Tax data Administrative data
Working Paper
Top income adjustments and tax reforms in Ecuador

Top income under-coverage in developing countries not only leads to downward biased inequality indicators but might also affect the ex-ante evaluation of progressive tax reforms...

Top incomes Survey data Tax data
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