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Tax-benefit policy
Social protection and taxation in crises – How can tax-benefit systems support households through crisis?
13 December 2022
Online, Finland
Past event
New country on the SOUTHMOD map: Meet our tax-benefit microsimulation team in Rwanda!

How can Global South countries improve their tax and social protection systems? One way is to take advantage of tools that help assess the impact of different policies...

Tax-benefit microsimulation Tax-benefit policy Social protection
Teamwork and capacity strengthening to promote development: The case of Mozambique

Designing and implementing public policies requires caution to guarantee the best use of scarce resources, especially in middle- and lower-income countries...

Social protection Tax-benefit microsimulation Tax-benefit policy
TAZMOD retreat

The fifth training event on TAZMOD , the tax-benefit microsimulation model for Tanzania, is organized as a five-day research retreat, intended to empower participants to use TAZMOD to answer their own policy questions. The retreat is composed of two...

7 November 202211 November 2022
Dar es Salaam, Tanzania
Past event
GHAMOD retreat

In collaboration with the national GHAMOD team, Institute for Statistics, Social and Economic Research ( ISSER ) and UNU-WIDER organize a 5-day GHAMOD training event, a capacity development initiative allowing participants to get acquainted with the...

31 October 20224 November 2022
University of Ghana, Accra, Ghana
Past event
Working Paper
The role of tax–benefit systems in protecting household incomes in Latin America during the COVID-19 pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic drastically affected household incomes around the world. In developed economies, pre-pandemic tax–benefit policies and emergency transfers mitigated to a large extent the negative income shock...

Taxes Benefits COVID-19
Second training on ETMOD

This event will provide potential users of the ETMOD tax-benefit model with comprehensive training. As well as providing an overview of the model, the event will include a number of examples. Attendees will leave with an appreciation of how to...

19 October 202221 October 2022
UNECA Conference Centre, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
Past event
RWAMOD training

As part of the SOUTHMOD project, the national team at the Rwanda Revenue Authority ( RRA ), in collaboration with UNU-WIDER and SASPRI , are organizing an in-person training workshop for technical staff of the Rwandan government institutions on...

18 October 202220 October 2022
Kigali, Rwanda
Past event
UGAMOD retreat

The third training event on UGAMOD , the tax-benefit microsimulation model for Uganda, is organized as a five-day research retreat, intended to empower participants to use UGAMOD to answer their own policy questions. The retreat is composed of two...

10 October 202214 October 2022
URA training centre, Kampala, Uganda
Past event
Journal Article
Income distribution and the potential of redistributive systems in Africa: A decomposition approach

Redistributive systems in Africa are still in their infancy but are expanding in order to finance increasing public spending...

Tax-benefit microsimulation Tax-benefit policy Microsimulation
Author workshop on tax-benefit systems and crisis
6 June 20228 June 2022
Online, Finland
Past event
Working Paper
Tax-benefit microsimulation model in Rwanda: A feasibility study

This paper assesses the feasibility of developing a tax and benefit microsimulation model in Rwanda...

Tax-benefit microsimulation Revenue Microsimulation
Working Paper
Female labour supply and informal employment in Ecuador

Low- and middle-income countries face a trade-off between raising tax revenue to strengthen social protection and creating incentives for the population to enter formal employment...

Labour supply Informal work Tax-benefit policy
Technical Note
Discrete choice modelling of labour supply and informal employment using ECUAMOD

This technical note presents one of the modelling approaches used in Jara and Rattenhuber (2022) to estimate formal employment elasticities, namely the estimation of a discrete choice model of labour supply with informal employment...

Labour supply Informal Employment
Efforts to protect the poor during COVID: How five African countries fared

The number of people living in poverty around the world is estimated to have increased by half a billion people due to the COVID-19 crisis...

COVID-19 Sub-Saharan Africa Tax-benefit policy
Working Paper
Towards greater poverty reduction in Zambia: Simulating potential Cash Plus reforms using MicroZAMOD

A large share of the population in Zambia is living below the national poverty line...

Poverty Zambia Social protection
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