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Violent conflict
Patricia Justino briefs Swedish aid agency on aid in autocracies and fragile countries

On 4 February 2020, UNU-WIDER's Senior Research Fellow Patricia Justino will be giving a presentation at an event organised by Sweden’s government agency for development cooperation Sida as part of their Department for Africa’s...

4 February 2021
Online, Stockholm, Sweden
Past event
UN Photo/Stuart Price Institutional legacies of violent conflict

Theme: Transforming states

Violent conflict Political violence Wartime governance
Journal Article
Ethnic inequality, cultural distance, and social integration: evidence from a native-settler conflict in the Philippines

A key debate in studies of native-migrant relations relates to the barriers to integration created by ethno-cultural differences and socio-economic disadvantage...

Inequality Ethnicity Violent conflict
Working Paper
Inequality, ethnicity, and social cohesion

How do changes in socio-economic inequality between ethnic groups affect interethnic ties in a divided society?...

Inequality Ethnicity Violent conflict
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