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Book Chapter
Tunisia: employment and inequality trends

From the book: Tasks, skills, and institutions

Wage inequality Occupations Education premium
Book Chapter
Ghana: employment and inequality trends

From the book: Tasks, skills, and institutions

Skills Tasks Occupations
Working Paper
The unintended long-run impacts of agro-terrorism in Brazil

This paper studies the unintended long-run effects of a permanent agricultural shock led by agro-terrorism in Brazil on the education and labour market...

Education Wages Agriculture
Working Paper
The impact of centralized bargaining on spillovers and the wage structure in monopsonistic labour markets

How does centralized bargaining affect the broader wage structure? And what does this tell us about the (non-)competitive dynamics of such labour markets?...

Wages Collective bargaining Monopsony
Working Paper
Informality, labour transitions, and the livelihoods of workers in Latin America

This paper studies the incidence and heterogeneity of labour informality in six Latin American countries—Argentina, Brazil, Ecuador, Mexico, Paraguay, and Peru...

Informality Occupational turnover Education
Working Paper
Implications of the changing nature of work for employment and inequality in Ghana

In this paper, we analyse the role of the changing nature of occupational employment and wages in explaining the trend in earnings inequality in Ghana between 2006 and 2017, a period in which there was a substantial transformation of the economy, wit...

Skills Tasks Occupations
Journal Article
Wage growth and inquality in urban China: 1988-2013

Part of Journal Special Issue Income inequalities and redistribution in China

Wages Income inequality Wage growth
Working Paper
Misinformed, mismatched, or misled?: Explaining the gap between expected and realized graduate earnings in Mozambique

Inaccurate expectations of future wages are found in many contexts. Yet, existing studies overwhelmingly refer to high-income countries, and there is little evidence regarding the sources of expectational errors...

Job mismatch Mozambique Tracer study
Project workshop
Virtual workshop on the changing nature of work and inequality

The changing nature of work and inequality project will hold a workshop online to discuss research in progress on 24-26 March via Zoom. The original workshop to be convened in Tunis, Tunisia has been cancelled due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Country-...

24 March 202026 March 2020
Online, United States
Past event
Book Chapter
Does union membership pay off?: Evidence from Vietnamese SMEs

From the book: Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises in Vietnam

Labour unions Wages Small and medium enterprises
Research Brief
The impact on jobs and earnings of offshoring in South Africa

The success of an economy’s manufacturing sector is often critical to economic growth and development...

Offshoring Firm-level data Linked employer-employee data
Working Paper
Offshoring within South African manufacturing firms: An analysis of the labour market effects

In South Africa, the manufacturing sector—important for growth and employment creation—has shown declining growth, poor productivity performance, decreased labour demand, and increased imports of intermediate goods (offshoring activities)...

Offshoring Firm-level data Linked employer-employee data
Research Brief
Wage inequality in urban China Wages Income inequality Wage growth
Why are workers getting a smaller share of the cake in Mexico?

As with many other developed and emerging economies, in recent decades Mexico has experienced a long-term decline in the labour income share. In other words, wages have decreased compared with other sources of income such as capital income...

Income inequality Earnings inequality Wages
Working Paper
Wage growth and inequality in urban China: 1988–2013

We investigate the evolution of wage levels, wage inequality, and wage determinants among urban residents in China using China Household Income Project data from 1988, 1995, 2002, 2007, and 2013...

Wages Income inequality Wage growth
Policy Brief
Employment expectations of university students in Mozambique: Results from a baseline survey

Before now, there has been no systematic study of the transition of university students as they finish their studies and enter the labour market...

Employment Education Wages
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