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World Bank
Working Paper
Resource rents in the diamond industry 2014–19: Rents, issues, methods, and data availability

The focus of this study is rent in the diamond industry...

resource rent diamond Tax
Rama George-Alleyne / World Bank CANCELLED - Launch of World Bank white paper - Protecting All: Risk-Sharing in a Diverse and Diversifying World
4 November 2019
UNU-WIDER, Katajanokanlaituri 6 B, Helsinki, Finland
Past event
Journal Article
Too Many Cooks in the Kitchen?: The Division of Financing in World Bank Projects and Project Performance

Part of Journal Special Issue Aid Impact and Effectiveness

Aid effectiveness Foreign aid Funding
Working Paper
Too many cooks in the kitchen?: The division of financing in World Bank projects and project performance

The total funding envelope for World Bank projects is often divided among various state and non-state actors, each of which can have competing ideas about or interests in the project...

Aid effectiveness Foreign aid Funding
Maurizio Bussolo on taking on distributional tensions in Europe and Central Asia

Maurizio Bussolo will present at the WIDER Seminar Series on 23 January 2019. Abstract – Towards a new social contract: taking on distributional tensions in Europe and Central Asia Globalization, rapid technological change, and aging have...

23 January 2019
UNU-WIDER, Katajanokanlaituri 6A, Helsinki, Finland
Past event
Chairperson of the WIDER Board writes on the future role of the World Bank

Ravi Kanbur, Chairperson of the WIDER board and Professor of Economics at Cornell University, argues that the World Bank needs to transform its role on the world stage in a new vox.eu column.

WIDER Board World Bank
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