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Jakob Svensson on the low quality trap: evidence from the market for maize in Uganda

Jakob Svensson will present at the WIDER Seminar Series on 16 October 2019. Abstract - The low quality trap: evidence from the market for maize in Uganda Agriculture remains the main source of income for the large majority of the world’s poor...

16 October 2019
UNU-WIDER, Katajanokanlaituri 6 B, Helsinki, United States
Past event
Working Paper
Agricultural development, trade, and income distribution: A 2015 social accounting matrix multiplier decomposition approach for Mozambique

This paper considers the impact of agriculture and international trade development on income distribution and economic activity in Mozambique...

Agriculture Income distribution Multiplier effects
Working Paper
Exploring the potential for growth and trade in fruit and oilseed-to-edible oils value chains following political shifts in Zimbabwe

Zimbabwe’s persistent economic challenges since the early 1990s have been largely attributed to unpopular political decisions at the expense of building productive capacity in different sectors of the economy...

Agriculture Edible oils Oilseeds
Journal Article
Agricultural extension, intra-household allocation and malaria

Can agricultural development programs improve health-related outcomes? We exploit a spatial discontinuity in the coverage of a large-scale agricultural extensionprogram in Uganda to causally identify its effects on malaria...

Administrative law Agriculture Economic development
Journal Article
Legal Empowerment of the Poor through Property Rights Reform: Tensions and Trade-offs of Land Registration and Titling in Sub-Saharan Africa

Part of Journal Special Issue Legal Empowerment and Group-Based Inequality

Property Land Rights
Journal Article
Can commercial farming promote rural dynamism in sub-Saharan Africa?: Evidence from Mozambique

The impact of commercial farms on smallholders in developing countries remains highly controversial...

Agriculture Farm produce Welfare economics
Working Paper
Market constraints, misallocation, and productivity in Vietnam agriculture

We examine important changes in agriculture in Vietnam in the context of ongoing structural changes in the economy...

Agriculture Misallocation Productivity
Working Paper
Impacts of accessing extension on agricultural production profit: Empirical evidence from the Vietnam Access to Rural Households Survey

This paper aims to evaluate the impact of accessing agricultural extension on households’ agricultural profit...

Agricultural extension Agriculture Fixed effects
Journal Article
The Happy Farmer: Self-Employment and Subjective Well-Being in Rural Vietnam

Using a unique survey data set this paper documents a positive effect of self-employment in farming on subjective well-being. This direct effect is only partly offset by negative, indirect effects working through income and other variables...

Agriculture Job satisfaction Quality of life
Working Paper
Understanding farmers’ valuation of agricultural insurance: Evidence from Vietnam

We employ a novel approach to investigate the reasons for a low demand for agricultural insurance. We confirm that farmers systematically undervalue agricultural insurance...

Insurance Agriculture Risk
Working Paper
Incentives to labour migration and agricultural productivity: The Bayesian perspective

Understanding how internal labour migration affects the agricultural sector is important for all developing countries whose markets do not work well or are non-existent...

Labour migration Agriculture Bayesian treatment analysis
Book Chapter
Foreign Aid and Sustainable Agriculture in Africa

From the book: Aid Effectiveness for Environmental Sustainability

Agriculture Sustainable development Food security
Book Chapter
Financing Sustainable Agriculture under Climate Change with a Specific Focus on Foreign Aid

From the book: Aid Effectiveness for Environmental Sustainability

Sustainable development Foreign aid Agriculture
Income generation and malaria in Uganda

Several large-scale efforts have been made to combat malaria in the last decade under the Millennium Development Goals, and while these have led to a rapid decline in cases, malaria continues to exact a heavy toll on sub-Saharan Africa, both in terms...

Administrative law Agriculture Economic development
Characteristics of the Vietnamese rural economy (in Vietnamese): Evidence from a 2016 rural household survey in 12 provinces of Viet Nam

Tiếp nối sự thành công của chương trình cải cách Đổi mới, Việt Nam đã gặt hái được rất nhiều thành tựu kinh tế về tăng trưởng và giảm nghèo, Việt nam đã phát triển nhanh hơn ...

Agriculture Household survey Rural development
Characteristics of the Vietnamese rural economy: Evidence from a 2016 rural household survey in 12 provinces of Viet Nam

Following the successful implementation of the Doi Moi reform programme, Viet Nam has experienced outstanding economic progress, for example in aggregate output and poverty reduction...

Agriculture Household survey Rural development
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