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Aid effectiveness
Working Paper
Aid targeting to fragile and conflict-affected states and implications for aid effectiveness

While significant amounts of foreign aid have been allocated to the group of so-called fragile and conflict-affected states in recent years, it is not clear whether that aid is targeted to where it is most needed...

Aid effectiveness Foreign aid Fragile states
Working Paper
Too many cooks in the kitchen?: The division of financing in World Bank projects and project performance

The total funding envelope for World Bank projects is often divided among various state and non-state actors, each of which can have competing ideas about or interests in the project...

Aid effectiveness Foreign aid Funding
Working Paper
Do countries use foreign aid to buy geopolitical influence?: Evidence from donor campaigns for temporary UN Security Council seats

In recent years, donor countries have increasingly used different aid allocation channels to boost aid effectiveness...

Funding Foreign aid Aid effectiveness
Photo by Petter Meirik_Sida Effects of Swedish and international democracy support

Theme: Transforming states

Democracy Development aid Aid effectiveness
Policy Brief
Aid is not dead: The latest evidence on the effectiveness of ODA Foreign aid Macroeconomics Tax revenue
Working Paper
Putting Paris into practice: Foreign aid, national ownership, and donor alignment in Mali and Ghana

This paper examines the application of the first two principles of the 2005 Paris Declaration on Aid Effectiveness, namely ownership and alignment, to the cases of Mali and Ghana...

Aid effectiveness Paris decleration Ownership
Is Development cooperation still relevant in Africa? Lessons from UNU-WIDER research on aid effectiveness

A presentation by Finn Tarp , Director of UNU-WIDER at the 'Annual Meeting of Finnish Heads of Mission: Interdependence will come to the fore in global political changes'. For more information see here . Presentation slides here...

22 August 2014
Ministry for Foreign Affairs, Merikasarmi, Helsinki, Finland
Past event
Does development aid work?

Presentation to the Foreign Affairs Committee of the Finnish Parliament on Aid Effectiveness. See slides here.

5 May 2014
Parliament house, Mannerheimintie 30, Helsinki, Finland
Past event
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