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Balance of payments
Working Paper
Impact of Liberalization, Economic Growth and Trade Policies on Current Accounts of Developing Countries: An Econometric Study

The objectives of this paper are to examine the impact of liberalization on trade deficits and current accounts for developing economies...

Balance of payments Economic development Free trade
Working Paper
Sustainable and Excessive Current Account Deficits

The abundance of private capital flows confronts many emerging-market authorities with a transfer problem. They must decide whether to accept or resist the net capital inflow, or how much to accept and how much to resist...

Balance of payments Capital investments Debts, Public
Working Paper
Health Effects of Market-Based Reforms in Developing Countries

Radical and simultaneous economic reforms were implemented in many developing countries, especially in Africa, Asia and Latin America in the 1980s and early 1990s...

Balance of payments Economic development Structural adjustment (Economic policy)
Working Paper
External Imbalances, Famines And Entitlements: A Case Study

The study proceeded by broadly categorizing the various defects of the economy as manifestations of two disequilibria in the system...

Balance of payments Famines Structural adjustment (Economic policy)
Working Paper
Soviet Economy: Opening Up and Stabilization

Balance of payments Economic development Economic policy
Working Paper
Gap Disequilibria: Inflation, Investment, Saving and Foreign Exchange

Four "gaps" or restrictions on capacity growth -- from available saving and foreign exchange, investment demand (with crowding-in of private by public capital formation), and ex ante discrepancies between inflation rates needed on the one h...

Balance of payments Capital budget Foreign exchange
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