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Climate change
Aid Effectiveness for Environmental Sustainability

This collection examines the role that foreign aid can play in dealing with the severe global challenge of climate change, one of the most pressing international development issues of the 21st century...

Foreign aid Climate change Sustainable energy
SA-TIED work stream 5: Climate and energy as drivers of change

The unavoidable warming and potential substantial departures from prevailing weather patterns associated with climate change are likely to be major drivers of migration, agriculture, and international trade in Southern Africa, and globally. The...

Energy infrastructure Climate change Water allocation
Policy Brief
Aid, environment and climate change Foreign aid Climate change Environment
Policy Brief
The political economy of clean energy Energy Development Climate change
Journal Special Issue
UNU-WIDER Special Symposium on Aid, Environment and Climate Change

This special section on aid and institutions discusses how they constitute an important element of the global response to interlinked global developmental and environmental challenges...

Foreign aid Climate change Environment
Journal Article
Aid, Environment and Climate Change

Part of Journal Special Issue UNU-WIDER Special Symposium on Aid, Environment and Climate Change

Foreign aid Climate change Environment
The Political Economy of Clean Energy Transitions

This is an open access title available under the terms of a CC BY-NC-SA 3.0 IGO licence. It is free to read at Oxford Scholarship Online and offered as a free PDF download from OUP and selected open access locations...

Energy Development Climate change
Research Brief
The implications of climate change for the extractive industries Climate change Extractive industries Natural resources
Working Paper
Energy futures modelling for African countries: LEAP model application

This study develops a scenario-based model to assess the current and future trends in energy demand in Africa and associated greenhouse gas emissions...

Energy forecasting Energy efficiency Sustainable energy
Working Paper
Modeling sustainable long-term electricity supply–demand in Africa

This paper develops a scenario-based model to identify and provide an array of electricity demand in Africa, and to derive them from the African power system of development...

Energy planning Electricity Sustainable development
Research Brief
Future climate scenarios for South Africa: The importance of mitigating emissions

More intense climate changes are expected in South Africa if GHG emissions are not constrained. Increased GHG emissions are likely to result in increases in average annual surface temperatures and higher evaporation rates...

Climate change Runoff Streamflow
Research Brief
Climate change effects on irrigation demand and crop yields in South Africa

The demand for irrigation is likely to increase in South Africa as a result of increased temperatures and evaporation rates. Rain-fed agricultural crops are likely to experience a decline in average annual yields...

Climate change Runoff Streamflow
Research Brief
Potential impacts of climate change on national water supply in South Africa

Climate change risks for run-off and irrigation demand vary significantly across South Africa, with some regions expected to experience increased drying and others flooding Smaller impacts on water resources by 2050 are expected if global emissions a...

Climate change Economic development Economic growth
Working Paper
Technical note: Proposed model for regional power sector integration in Africa

Regional power pools present a significant and potentially defining opportunity for African power systems to develop domestic energy resources, improve system reliability, and contribute to overall economic development...

Climate change Power pools Africa
Responding to crises: What can we do? What’s next?

Although sometimes over used, the word 'crisis' accurately describes many challenges of today's world, such as climage change, war and refugees, economic volatility, pandemics, and the continuing unmet needs of the poor, hungry, and negle...

Climate change Development Foreign aid
Working Paper
The political economy of clean energy transitions at sub-national level: Understanding the role of international climate regimes in energy policy in two Brazilian states

This paper examines the political economy aspects, particularly the influence of the Clean Development Mechanism, in clean energy and climate change policies in the states of Bahia and Rio Grande do Sul in Brazil...

Renewable energy Sustainable development Climate change
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