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Equality and inequality
Working Paper
Horizontal inequalities and affirmative action: An analysis of attitudes towards redistribution across groups in Africa

Inequalities between ethnic or racial groups, defined as horizontal inequalities, are pervasive and persistent. They persist due to cumulative and reinforcing inequalities arising from unequal access to different types of capital...

Equality and inequality Ethnic relations Income distribution
Five things I learned from the 'Responding to crises' conference

The ‘ Responding to crises ’ conference was marked by wide range of topics...

Economic development Equality and inequality
Working Paper
Horizontal inequality in education and wealth in Tanzania: A 20-year perspective

This study uses five series of demographic and health surveys to answer the question: ‘Is horizontal inequality in education and wealth increasing or decreasing in the 20-year interval between 1991 and 2010?’...

Education Equality and inequality Wealth
Working Paper
Is multi-party coalition government better for the protection of socially backward classes in India?

The paper investigates whether multi-party coalition government is better for the protection of socially backward classes, i.e. Scheduled Castes, in India...

Caste Equality and inequality Local government
Working Paper
Vertical and horizontal inequality in Ecuador: The lack of sustainability

We analyse vertical and horizontal inequality in Ecuador from a long-run perspective, as well as during and after the commodities boom...

Equality and inequality Poverty Sustainable development
Breaking down research silos

I had the pleasure of attending UNU-WIDER’s ‘ Responding to crises ’ conference last week. The theme was highly topical and session topics far-reaching, which makes the task of teasing out core ideas difficult...

Equality and inequality Poverty
Journal Article
Ordinal Bivariate Inequality: Concepts and Application to Child Deprivation in Mozambique

This paper introduces a concept of inequality comparisons with ordinal bivariate categorical data...

Children Econometric models Equality and inequality
Working Paper
Ethnic fragmentation, public good provision, and inequality in India, 1988-2012

Using data from various rounds of the nationally representative NSSO survey between 1988 and 2012, we first construct national, state, and district-level figures for overall, within and between consumption inequality...

Education Equality and inequality Health care
Working Paper
Competing cleavages in sub-Saharan Africa?: How economic distance affects ethnic bloc politics

Does economic standing cross-cut ethnicity in African electoral politics? In many countries in the region, ethnicity appears to be a major consideration in individuals’ political decision-making...

Equality and inequality Voting
Working Paper
Human capital inequality and electoral outcomes in South Africa

This paper examines the nature and evolution of horizontal and vertical human-capital inequality in South Africa since the end of apartheid...

Equality and inequality Human capital Voting
Working Paper
Taxation and inequality in developing countries: Lessons from the recent experience of Latin America

This paper aims to advance understanding about the relationship between taxation and inequality in developing countries, focusing on the recent experience of Latin America...

Economic policy Equality and inequality Income distribution
Working Paper
Global inequality: How large is the effect of top incomes?

In this paper, we estimate the recent evolution of global interpersonal inequality and examine the effect of omitted top incomes on the level and direction of global inequality...

Equality and inequality Income Income distribution
WIDER Annual Lecture by C. Peter Timmer

View the WIDER Annual Lecture on Managing structural transformation post-2015.

Structural transformation Income distribution Millennium Development Goals
WIDER Annual Lecture by President Martti Ahtisaari

View the WIDER Annual Lecture on Egalitarian Principles.

Democratization Social conflict Equality and inequality
Contributors - AL17

Short biographies of those who contributed to the event.

Democratization Social conflict Equality and inequality
Photos - AL17

Selection of images from the WIDER Annual Lecture 17.

Democratization Social conflict Equality and inequality
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