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Informal sector (Economics)
Research Brief
Is unpaid care work addressed well in World Bank projects?

Only three out of 36 World Bank investments in Malawi, Mali, Niger and Rwanda appropriately address women’s unpaid care work...

Informal sector (Economics) Women
Growth Yes, but where’s the Transformation and Inclusion?

26 March 2014 Roger Williamson Africa is growing, with The Economist noting that 6 out of 10 of the world’s fastest growing economies for 2000-10 were in Africa . But how optimistic should we be?...

Economic development Economic growth Structural adjustment (Economic policy)
Working Paper
Informality, Growth, and Development in Africa

The informal sector makes up an overwhelming share of both gross domestic product and total employment in Africa...

Economic development Economic aspects (Households) Informal sector (Economics)
Working Paper
Minimum Wage and Informality in Ecuador

This paper investigates if changes in the minimum wage have influenced changes on the formality and informality rates, and the level of wages in Ecuador. A 12-year panel was built...

Informal sector (Economics) Labor market Labor supply
Working Paper
The Care Connection: The World Bank and Women’s Unpaid Care Work in Select Sub-Saharan African Countries

With the aim of reducing women’s greater unpaid care work than men’s and increasing women’s paid employment, this paper examines the extent to which World Bank investments address unpaid care work...

Informal sector (Economics) Women
Inclusive Growth in Africa

24 September 2013 Roger Williamson WIDER Annual Lecture 17 - President Martti Ahtisaari © UNU-WIDER/Alexander Zach Another big weekend for UNU-WIDER...

Economic policy Equality and inequality Structural adjustment (Economic policy)
From the Editor's Desk (April 2013)

30 April 2013 Tony Addison As April closes, our thoughts turn to UNU-WIDER’s spring/summer programme. And it’s a busy one...

Economic aspects (Industrialization) Econometric models (Economic development) Economic aspects (Economic development)
Journal Article
Business under Fire: Entrepreneurship and Violent Conflict in Developing Countries

Part of Journal Special Issue Entrepreneurship and Conflict

Economic development Entrepreneurship Informal sector (Economics)
From the Editor's Desk (March 2013)

Tony Addison This month saw UNU-WIDER in Stockholm for the ReCom results meeting on ‘aid and the social sectors’, which took place at Sida on 13 March...

Decision making (Finance, Public) Econometric models (Economic development) Agriculture
Working Paper
Entrepreneurship and Violent Conflict in Developing Countries

In this working paper we provide an overview of two recent special journal issues on violent conflict and entrepreneurship...

Economic development Entrepreneurship Informal sector (Economics)
Journal Special Issue
Entrepreneurship and Conflict

Entrepreneurs are often adversely affected by violent conflict such as civil war...

Conflict management Economic development Entrepreneurship
From the Editor's Desk (January 2013)

Tony Addison We start the new year at a fast pace, preparing for the ReCom results meeting on ‘Aid and the Social Sectors’ in Stockholm on 13th March, and the development conference in June on ‘Learning to Compete: Industrial Develo...

Economic aspects (Industrialization) Economic aspects (Economic development) Conflict management
From the Editor's Desk (June-July 2012)

Tony Addison I started writing this ‘From the Editor’s Desk’ in Accra, to the sound of an African drum band, preparing for a ceremony to mark the launch of the joint University of Ghana-UNU-WIDER Research and Post-Graduate Teaching ...

Economic aspects (Informal sector (Economics)) Environmental aspects (Economic development) Economic development
Journal Article
Benefits of Formalization: Evidence from Vietnamese Manufacturing SMEs

Based on unique panel data consisting of both formal and informal firms, this paper uses a matched double difference approach to examine the relationship between legal status and firm level outcomes in micro, small and medium manufacturing enterprise...

Business enterprises Entrepreneurship Informal sector (Economics)
Book Chapter
On-Street Upgrading?: Assessing the Consequences of Allocation and Regulation Policy in Santiago de Chile’s Ferias Libres

From the book: Latin American Urban Development into the 21st Century

Commercial policy Farm produce Informal sector (Economics)
Working Paper
Political Connections and Investment in Rural Vietnam

This paper uses household panel data from rural Vietnam to explore the effects of having a relative in a position of political or bureaucratic power on farmers’ agricultural investment decisions...

Credit Informal sector (Economics) Investments
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