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International trade
Working Paper
Falling oil prices and sustainable energy transition: Towards a multilateral agreement on fossil-fuel subsidies

Fossil-fuel subsidies are economically inefficient and harmful for the environment yet efforts to phase them out at the national and international levels have not been effective...

International trade Nonrenewable natural resources Prices
Working Paper
Institutional and policy adjustments to implement Free Trade Agreements with the European Union: A developing country perspective

Free Trade Agreements (FTAs) between the European Union (EU) and trade partners go far beyond mere elimination of tariffs to include such diverse issues as non-tariff barriers, competition legislation, investment protection, and more...

Economic development Free trade International trade
Working Paper
India’s political economy responses to the global food price shock of 2007–08: Learning some lessons

India’s policy responses to the food price crisis were strong. Exports of basic staples were banned. Domestic support prices of wheat and rice were raised substantially...

Agriculture Food industry and trade Food security
The Impact of Policies on Inequality

Conference on Inequality—Measurement, trends, impacts, and policies - Parallel 3.3

Inequality Measurement (Poverty) Foreign aid
Working Paper
Estimation of substitution and transformation elasticities for South African trade

The objective of this paper is to estimate transformation and Armington substitution elasticities for South African trade. We use linear methods to estimate elasticities without growth factors...

Economic growth Equations, Simultaneous International trade
Book Chapter
Regional Integration in Africa

From the book: Oxford Handbook of Africa and Economics, Vol. 2...

Commerce Economies of scale International economic relations
Working Paper
Do Firms Learn by Exporting or Learn to Export?: Evidence from Senegalese Manufacturing Plant

The increasing quantity of literature investigating the impact of trade openness on firm efficiency has not yet provided a definite prediction of the direction of causality...

International trade Manufacturing
Book Chapter
How Does Colonial Origin Matter for Economic Performance in Sub-Saharan Africa?

This paper investigates some of the existing hypotheses regarding the transmission of different colonial legacies to modern day economic growth...

Decolonization Economic development Education
Book Chapter
Does Foreign Aid Support Democracy Development? :: Aid, Democracy, and Instability from Trade

This study revisits the effect of aid on the quality of institutions and examines the effects of a major source of instability, namely terms-of-trade instability, on the quality of democracy...

Democracy Economic assistance and foreign aid International trade
Book Chapter
Outfits: Narrowly Tailored Laws that Harm Instead of Help :: A Case Study of Liberia’s Telecommunication Laws

The telecommunications sector in Africa presents many exciting prospects to international investors—indeed many billion dollar projects are already underway across the continent...

International law International trade Negotiation
Book Chapter
Exchange Rate Regimes and Trade :: Is Africa Different?

This chapter revisits the link between exchange rate regimes and trade in the context of Africa’s exchange rate arrangements...

Foreign exchange International trade
Working Paper
Threshold and interaction effects in the trade, growth, and inequality relationship

This paper examines the relationship between trade (exports), growth, and inequality, using a panel of 100 countries over 30 years (1980 to 2010)...

Econometric models (Economic development) Economic growth Equality and inequality
Africa's Failure to Industrialize: Bad Luck or Bad Policy?

16 December 2014 John Page On 20 November 2014 the United Nations celebrated the 25th Africa Industrialization Day. But perhaps ‘celebrate’ is not exactly the right word...

Competition Economic development Structural adjustment (Economic policy)
Working Paper
A Natural Experiment of Industrial Policy: Floriculture and the Metal and Engineering Industries in Ethiopia

Ethiopia represents an excellent case study of recent industrial policy experimentation in Africa. The country is well known for its successful promotion of the cut-flower industry through business-government co-ordination...

Agriculture Government business enterprises Industrial policy
Working Paper
Scoping Paper on Industry in Senegal

Senegal is a typical sub-Saharan economy, which conducted an import substitution policy over 1960-86, followed by a policy of support for the private sector and liberalization of the economy...

Economic growth Industrial policy International trade
Working Paper
It Worked in China, so Why not in Africa?: The Political Economy Challenge of Special Economic Zones

African countries have sought to replicate the success of East Asia by implementing special economic zones...

Economic growth Industrial policy International trade
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