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International trade
Working Paper
Supply-Side Constraints, Capital Goods Imports, and the Quality of Sub-Saharan African Countries’ Exports

In the last decade, a large portion of capital goods imports of Sub-Saharan African countries is telecommunications equipment, and China is now the main source of equipment for 30 Sub-Saharan African countries...

Capital Economic growth International trade
Working Paper
The Performance of the Manufacturing Sector in Tanzania: Challenges and the Way Forward

Tanzania’s industrial sector has evolved through various stages since independence in 1961, from nascent and undiversified to state-led import substitution industrialization, and subsequently to de-industrialization under the structural adjustm...

Business enterprises Economic development International trade
Africa’s Low Hanging Fruits

23 April 2014 Justin Yifu Lin and Yan Wang At the onset of its miraculous rise in 1979, China had been trapped in poverty for centuries and was poorer than most sub-Saharan African countries...

Economic assistance and foreign aid Economic development Economic growth
Working Paper
Exporting and Foreign Direct Investment Spillovers: Cambodia’s Experience

One feature of exporting firms in Cambodia is that they are not of domestic origin but are foreign firms that export from the moment they are established in Cambodia...

Economic development International trade Investments, Foreign
Working Paper
The Evolution of Vietnamese Industry

The transfer from an import-substitution to an export-orientation strategy has been in effect in Vietnam since the reform process, Doi Moi, necessitating the reformulation of macroeconomic, trading and sectoral policies...

Deregulation Evolutionary economics Industrial policy
Working Paper
Regional Integration in Africa: Challenges and Prospects

Political motives, geography, and the uneven distribution of gains trumped the traditional efficiency gains across Africa’s Regional Economic Communities (RECs)...

Commerce Economies of scale International economic relations
Book Chapter
International to Domestic Price Transmission in Fourteen Developing Countries During the 2007-08 Food Crisis

From the book: Food Price Policy in an Era of Market Instability

Agriculture International trade Macroeconomics
Book Chapter
Trade and Income Distribution in Latin America: Is There Anything New to Say?

From the book: Falling Inequality in Latin America

Education Equality and inequality Household survey
Working Paper
The Impact of Foreign Aid on Economic Growth in ECOWAS Countries: a Simultaneous-Equation Model

This paper investigates the impact of foreign aid on economic growth in member countries of the Economic Community of West African States using panel data for 1990-2009 and a three equation simultaneous-equations model...

Economic assistance and foreign aid Econometric models (Economic development) International trade
A New Agenda for a New World

24 June 2013 Minister Gunilla Carlson Like every political agenda, the post-2015 agenda must be firmly based in a reality check...

Economic development Emigration and immigration Free trade
From the Editor's Desk (March 2013)

Tony Addison This month saw UNU-WIDER in Stockholm for the ReCom results meeting on ‘aid and the social sectors’, which took place at Sida on 13 March...

Decision making (Finance, Public) Econometric models (Economic development) Agriculture
Working Paper
International to Domestic Price Transmission in Fourteen Developing Countries During the 2007-08 Food Crisis

This paper synthesizes the evidence on price transmission from international maize, rice and wheat markets to domestic markets in fourteen developing countries during the global food crisis in 2007-08...

Agriculture International trade Macroeconomics
Policy Brief
Industrial Policy for Development

New challenges and emerging paradigms have turned industrialization and industrial policy into one of the most hotly debated and interesting issues of the early twenty-first century...

Economic development Industrial policy International trade
Book Chapter
Industrial Policy in the Twenty-First Century: Challenges for the Future

From the book: Pathways to Industrialization in the Twenty-First Century

Industrial policy Industrial productivity Industrialization
Research Brief
The Unique Character of EU Aid

EU aid is complicated both by its close relationship to the EU’s foreign policy in general, and by the question of what Europe should do as a community and what should be done by individual member states...

Economic assistance and foreign aid Economic policy International trade
Trade and gender inequality

Invited Guest Lecturer, Malokele Nanivazo, Research Fellow at UNU-WIDER. Contact Person: Henna Seinälä, University of Jyväskylä...

26 November 2012
University of Jyväskylä, Jyväskylä, Finland
Past event
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