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Journal Article
Identity Documents, Welfare Enhancement, and Group Empowerment in the Global South

Part of Journal Special Issue Legal Empowerment and Group-Based Inequality

Identity Legal empowerment Welfare
Book Chapter
Marital trajectories and women's wellbeing in Senegal

From the book: Towards Gender Equity in Development

Divorce Senegal Welfare
Journal Article
Food access and subjective welfare in a developing country

Understanding the relationship between food access and welfare is critical in the design of social welfare policies, but the literature on this relationship is scarce...

Food access Welfare Equivalent scale
Working Paper
Marital trajectories and women’s wellbeing in Senegal

Divorce and widowhood followed by remarriage are common for women in Africa. A key question is how such discontinuous marital trajectories affect women’s wellbeing...

Divorce Senegal Welfare
Working Paper
Energy system and economy-wide implications of a rapid transition to decarbonized energy in South Africa

Developed as well as developing countries will have to increase their ambition relative to their stated Nationally Determined Contributions to limit global temperature increases to 2°C above pre-industrial levels...

Energy Climate policy Welfare
Presentation - AL20

Martin Ravallion’s WIDER Annual Lecture focused on the economic and political issues surrounding the use of direct interventions, such as cash transfers and in kind contributions, against poverty. He highlighted two key lessons that are...

Poverty Inequality Social protection
Webcast - AL20

View the WIDER Annual Lecture by Martin Ravallion on Direct interventions against poverty in poor places.

Poverty Inequality Social protection
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