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Promoting entrepreneurial capacity

Theme: 2008-09

Entrepreneurship can play an important role in structural economic change and in improving wellbeing. Governments and international institutions are investing increasing resources to promote entrepreneurship. This project aims at a greater...

Development and Finance Entrepreneurship Economic development
Policy Brief
Promoting Entrepreneurship in Developing Countries: Policy Challenges

This policy brief provides some fresh perspectives on the relationship between entrepreneurship and development, and considers policy design issues...

Economic policy (Business enterprises) Economic development Entrepreneurship
Journal Special Issue
Entrepreneurship, Developing Countries and Development Economics

We are pleased to announce a Special Issue of the Small Business Economics Journal on Entrepreneurship, Developing Countries and Development Economics, guest edited by Wim Naudé...

Economic development Entrepreneurship
Journal Article
Entrepreneurship, Developing Countries, and Development Economics: New Approaches and Insights

Part of Journal Special Issue Entrepreneurship, Developing Countries and Development Economics

Economic development Entrepreneurship Structural adjustment (Economic policy)
Research Brief
How important are management practices for micro, small, and medium enterprises in Vietnam? Entrepreneurship Informal sector Small and medium enterprises
Conflict and Entrepreneurship in Afghanistan

Tommaso Ciarli, Saeed Parto and Maria Savona Afghanistan remains one of the poorest countries in the world with an estimated per capita income of 300 US dollars and average mortality age of 47 years...

Conflict management Economic development Entrepreneurship
Female Entrepreneurship in Developing Countries

Maria Minniti and Wim Naudé In recent years, the rate of new business formation by women has significantly outpaced the rate of new business formation by men across all ethnic groups in the USA...

Discrimination in employment Economic development Entrepreneurship
Policy Brief
Eight lessons on small and medium-sized enterprises in Vietnam SMEs Microeconomics Private sector
Mobilizing Talent for Global Development

by Andrés Solimano Talented individuals such as students, professionals, information technology experts, entrepreneurs, cultural workers, and others are now more internationally mobile in the world economy as a response to new opportunities (a...

Globalization Labour mobility
Experimentation and Co-ordination as Industrial Policy: Examples from Ethiopia and Chile

Mulu Gebreeyesus and Michiko Iizuka Industrial policy can be defined as the policies that stimulate specific economic activities and promote structural changes...

Agriculture Economic development Entrepreneurship
Entrepreneurship in Iraq: Understanding the Constraints

Sameeksha Desai Across countries, entrepreneurship is shown to support wealth and income generation, job creation and innovations in product and process...

Conflict management Entrepreneurship Local history
Research Brief
Extractives and economic diversification in Mozambique: Will local content do the trick? Natural resource management Extractive industries Economic diversification
The International Mobility of Talent: Determinants and Development Impact

by Andrés Solimano There is a growing recognition of the importance for economic growth and development of ‘intangibles’ such as technology, ideas, creativity and innovation...

Human capital International economic relations Labour mobility
The Entrepreneurship-Innovation Nexus in Development

Wim Naudé and Adam Szirmai Nobody can be left in any doubt as to the importance of innovation for prosperity on reading [i] that ‘People living in the first decade of the twentieth century did not know modern dental and medical equipment...

Business enterprises Economic development Entrepreneurship
China and India’s Development Strategies: Lessons for Developing Countries

Amelia U. Santos-Paulino and Guanghua Wan China and India have become global economic powers. Even at the market exchange rate, China overtook Japan in 2010 as the second largest economy...

Economic development Poverty measurement Industrial policy
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